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Preliminary Information

HOUSTON X is the glue that binds the entire LSC Pro Range together in your rig.

HOSTON X is a monitoring and remote configuration tool that works with APS, GenVI, MDR-DIN, LED-CV4, UNITOUR, UNITY and Mantra Mini. One tool, one location – allowing complete monitoring and control of all connected products. Set a DMX address, set a channel to dim or TruPower, check the temperature, test a channel (rigger’s control), find DMX cabling faults – on any product anywhere.

HOUSTON X uses RDM, LNET and Ethernet to talk to different LSC products, utilising the fastest appropriate technology for each product.


Identify Faults Quickly

HOUSTON X monitors the state of every connected LSC product. All status indicators from each product are replicated in HOUSTON X. Any faults, such as loss of DMX are reported in a single unified list on HOUSTON X, with the date and time of the occurrence. If there are no faults, then a large green “all clear” indicator is shown. If a fault occurs, this indicator flashes red. Faults can be marked as “acknowledged” whilst the problem is being resolved, changing the indicator to yellow. Any new faults will change the indicator to flashing red again. Once all faults are cleared, the green light reappears.


Store Configurations

Rental companies can easily restore hire stock to a known configuration in just a few moments with just a computer and USB/DMX interface. Theatres can recall the standard house patch after a custom show with a few mouse clicks on a computer located in an office (rather than visiting the dimmer room), recall the matinee settings in a matter of minutes and then change back to rehearsal mode or standard rig when required. TV stations can create a custom patch and configuration for a new show on a PC and then push this configuration to the system. Swapping shows is as simple as loading the config file and pushing a button. The entire system is updated from one location. Best of all – it is just a simple software upgrade to existing LSC products to make them Houston-X enabled.



HOUSTON X runs on Windows and Mac computers. There are many options for the RDM hardware interfaces:

  - The QX/1 provides a low-cost, dedicated RDM-only connection for configuration of systems.

  - The Nexus 5port ethernet node provides an inline interface. Two inputs can be configured to receive DMX in from any brand/model console and two outputs can be configured to transmit the DMX merged with RDM data out to the rig. It works with any non-RDM console and provides the full versatility of Houston X into existing installations.

- Any 3rd party Art-Net mode that supports the Art-RDM standard. LSC have always been a big supporter of open standards, as they allow our products to interface with those of other manufacturers. This is why HOUSTON X also works with any other manufacturers Art-RDM nodes.

- Support for Pathport RDM nodes will be implemented in Q4 2020.


Future Developments

We have big plans for HOUSTON X. The features outlined here are just the beginning. In the future we plan to offer HOUSTON X for Android and iOS tablets and smart phones, with interfaces via Art-Net and sACN. System logging and auditing will be possible. A dedicated hardware box will be released to allow permanent installations to be audited and logged and even accessed remotely via the internet if required. Larger systems will be catered for by allowing connection of multiple hardware devices for an unlimited number of DMX Universes.


Coming to a DMX Universe near you in 2020


Welcome to the future –HOUSTON X


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