Houston Remote Monitoring Software
Houston Remote Monitoring Software
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Houston is a Windows PC application that allows for remote monitoring of all LSCnet enabled products. This includes the TEKO and e24v2 portable touring dimmers, the EKO installation dimmers and the ePlate wall controllers.

Any operational faults, such as phase failure, loss of DMX, over temperature etc, are sent over the Cat5 cable from all of the devices to one or more PC's running the software. The user is immediately notified of a fault when the normally Green status indicator starts flashing Red. A quick glance at the screen then gives all the detailed information about the device affected and the exact nature of the fault.

This information is invaluable for fast diagnostics of any problems in all situations. Large stadium concerts or film schools with dimmer racks located in multiple positions can now see what is happening from a central location. Installers can see the status of a remote venue, such as a school or a church, form their office, via a Wi-Fi link or an internet connection.

Houston even keeps a permanent log of all system events for later viewing. These are stored with the date and time of the fault, allowing further diagnostics or a problem, even if it is not reported until weeks later.


  • Automatically detects any LSCnet enabled device connected to the network.
  • Maintains a database of all devices and triggers an alarm if any device stops communicating.
  • Displays real-time errors from any device, such as Over-temperature, Phase Fail, DMX error, Config error, etc.
  • Simple point and click user interface.
  • Requires a single USB port for connection of the LSCnet-USB converter.


Operators Manual
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