CodeLINK software (Free)
CodeLINK software (Free)
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  • CodeLink is a Windows XP application that allows the user to upgrade the firmware in the majority of current LSC products.
  • Simple point and click user interface.
  • Fail Safe. Even if the upload is interupted mid-stream, a simple re-start will always recover the firmware.
  • Uses firmware files available from the Download Centre

Cable Wiring

CodeLink can be used to update a number of LSC products.

If you are updating EKO, TEKO, e24V2 or e24V3 dimmers you will only need a standard DB9 cable to connect to the dimmer for the update process.

However for the maXim, ePAK, ePRO, iPAK, iPRO and e24V1, CodeLink requires a special cable to convert from the standard RS232 connector to an XLR style DMX connector.

This special cable can be obtained from LSC or one of our dealers.
Alternatively you can wire your own and details on how to wire this cable are shown below.

Wire a cable as shown below :


5pin XLR
(male inline)
(female inline)
(female inline)
Ground 1+Case 5 1+7
Tx 4 3 2
Rx 5 2 3


The connector body of the DMX connector must be nickel-plated, which is conductive, and not the black style, which is not.

The above information lists connections for both DB9 and DB25 connectors. Only one of these cables is required depending on your computer. However, when the CodeLink package is purchased from LSC, only the DB9 connector cable is provided.



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