Advanced Power System

The APS wallmount is the installation version of the very popular APS - Advanced Power System. It uses the same chassis as the GenVI wallmount dimmer/distro, providing the same ease of installation and flexibility of configuration options.

The APS wallmount should be a standard inclusion in any modern installation, to provide power for LED fixtures, moving lights, video projectors and the audio system. By utilising this approach in an installation a single switch can be used to power the rig On and Off in a controlled manner. By making this task easy there is less chance of some parts of the rig being accidentally left energised when not in use, ensuring the maximum service life of expensive equipment.


Power Distribution is the most critical components of any system and lighting is no exception particularly these days when almost every fixture now needs its own mains power source.
However with each fixture needing power, new problems are introduced particularly during the power up sequence.
Firstly, in-rush currents of all the power supplies and lamps starting up at the same time often causes main breakers to trip and secondly the transient currents drawn by the power supplies cause earth protection breakers to trip. To avoid these effects results in complicated power up sequences usually requiring a human sitting there switching circuits on one at a time.

The new LSC APS wallmount power distribution units provice the perfect solution to this and other problems by controlling the power-on sequence of each of the individual output circuits. In its simplest form, a single command starts the sequence and then each of the 12 outputs is turned on one output at a time with a programmable time before the next circuit turns on.
In this way the peak current drawn is always low and upstream breakers will not trip.

APS wallmount units can be connected together where more than 12 circuits are required and the units automatically cascade - that is, the second unit won't commence its start up sequence until the first has finished.


The APS wallmount is capable of the following:

  • Automatic power On/Off of circuits when DMX signal or GPI contact closures are detected;
  • Combined MCB and RCD (RCBO) breakers - circuit breaker with earth leakage protection (RCD/GFI) for each circuit;
  • RCBO breaker also provides Neutral Disconnect function.
  • Staggered power up of outputs to prevent overloading of the supply feed breakers (cascading of multiple units is also possible);
  • Control via DMX512 - presence detected turns outputs on and loss of DMX turns outputs off after a preset time delay eg. 12 minutes;
  • Control via GPI contact closure;
  • Control via RDM;
  • Cascading startup for individual units via XLR5 cabling and/or based on unit number;
  • Manual override via front panel;
  • 10A, 16A & 25A variants;
  • Operation on any mains voltage in the range of 90-265V per phase.
  • Monitoring of input voltages (3-phase), frequency and currents;
  • Programmable overvoltage and undervoltage trips to protect loads;
  • Voltage and current reporting via RDM;
  • Three phase operation;
  • Single phase operation possible but input current must be limited to 63A in total;

Being a power control and distribution unit, the APS wallmount is equally at home in a variety of applications including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Moving Lights;
  • LED fixtures;
  • Video walls;
  • Audio Systems;
  • Stage power

The APS wallmount is also ideal for permanent installations such as schools, churches, public halls and other venues where Energy Management is a key goal. By using APS wallmount modules to power all the lighting and video system, all the LED fixtures, video screens and moving lights will automatically be powered off a few minutes after the lighting console is turned off. When the console is next turned on, the lighting and video equipment will be sequentially powered up over a few seconds, without any user intervention, a truly Green solution.

APS wallmount - taking power management into the future.


APS Wallmount Specifications

12 6
Max Load per channel
10 Amps 25 Amps
Thermal / Magnetic Breakers
alt alt
RCD/GFI protection
alt alt
RCD/GFI Current Trip
Auto Triggering via DMX-512A presence and GPI contact closure. 
alt alt
Control Surface
3.2" color LCD with touchscreen.
Real-time 3phase Voltage Monitoring alt alt
Real-time 3phase Neutral Monitoring alt alt
Min and Max voltage shutoff levels per phase
alt alt
Remote monitoring and control via RDM
alt alt
Auto Power Mode - switches Relay channels On when DMX/GPI is active and Off when DMX/GPI is no longer present
alt alt
Programmable Shut down delay (1-15 minutes)
alt alt
 Optional audible alarm when shut down timer running
alt alt
Visual Alarms for Phase fail, over temperature and loss of DMX
alt alt
Local Manual Start/Stop control
alt alt
Auto syncronisation when multiple units are connected
alt                                         via 5core DMX cable                                       alt
Colour Touchscreen with simple and intuitive navigation
alt alt
Start up delay time (channel to channel)
User programmable from 0.1s to 2.0s
Operating Temperature range
Output Connector Options
/A 12 x 3-pin 15A Australian GPO style connectors 6 paired Australian GPO outlets (20A + 15A per channel)
/T Hardwired (terminals)
Power Supply
Nominal 100-240 Volts. 3-phase star with fully rated neutral. 50-60Hz
Operating range typically 90-260V, 45-65Hz.
Earthing System: TN-S
Power Input Connection
An M25 Nickel Plated Brass cable gland for installing power cable is supplied but not fitted.
Control Input
DMX512 (1990) or DMX512-A (E1-11) and RDM (E1-20) via right-hand side panel mounted 5-pin AXR in and thru connectors. GPI contact closure on pins 1+4 of XLR5 connector.
Product Dimensions - W x D x H
490 x 280 x 250mm
19.3 x 11 x 9.8 inches
Shipping Dimensions - W x D x H
550  x 340  x 310 mm
21.7  x 13.4 x 12.2 inches
Product Weight:
15.5 kg / 34 lb 15.5 kg / 34 lb
Product Weight (Packed):
20 kg /44 lb 20 kg /44 lb
Shipping Weight (Australia)
20 kg / 44 lb 20 kg /44 lb
Shipping Weight (Export)
20 kg / 44 lb 20 kg /44 lb

Note: Other current ratings (such as 10A) are available on request - indent order only. Minimum order quantities may apply.


Order Codes

APS Order Codes

Order CodeDescription
APW12/10A APS 12ch x 10A Power Distribution rack. Wall mount chassis with individual RCD/MCB per outlet. 
12 x Australian GPO output connectors
APW12/10T APS 12ch x 10A Power Distribution rack. Wall mount chassis with individual RCD/MCB per outlet. 
Screw terminals on rear panel for power and load connections.
APW6/25A APS 6ch x 25A Power Distribution rack. Wall mount chassis with individual RCD/MCB per outlet. 
6 paired Australian GPO outlets (20A + 15A per channel)
APW6/25T APS 6ch x 25A Power Distribution rack. Wall mount chassis with individual RCD/MCB per outlet. 
Screw terminals on rear panel for power and load connections.
GVW/BRKT GenVI/APS Wallmount Unistrut bracket (pair)



White Paper
Operator's Manual (Letter and A4 formats)
Line Drawings


 APW - Front Panel view   APW12 10A Front View 
APW Touch Screen Display - Home Screen   APW v2 UI 200
APW Side View    APW Right Side View 300
APW Rear Housing with UniStrut Bracket Attached   APW Rear Panel with UniStrut Bracket 300
APW Mounting Clearances (side view)   Unistrut Hanger Side View With Clearances 300
APW UniStrut Hanging Bracket   Unistrut Hanging Bracket 700


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