i-Series Installation Dimmers
i-Series Dimmers

i-Series Installation Dimmers
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Whether it be a permanent installation, distributed dimming, exhibition or display, the iPRO series of digital dimmers provide the most flexible solution to modern day dimming applications.

Their unique design allows them to be bolted to walls, hung from trusses or hand rails, stored at the side of stage floors, or mounted into a 19" equipment rack frame or cabinet.


iPRO dimmers utilise a two part hinged construction method - the Dimmer Chassis and the rear Installation Frame.
The Dimmer Chassis houses the control electronics, dimmer modules, output connectors, channel circuit breakers and input signal connectors. The Installation Frame houses the mounting locations for wall fixing and 19" rack mounting, the input power terminals and for the permanent installations models, all the output circuit terminals. This Frame is ideal to supply to contractors during construction to allow them to wire off the input power and output circuits.

The Dimmer Chassis can be supplied once construction is finished and the site is free of debris, paint, concrete, and plaster dust. The hinged Dimmer Chassis also allows for ease of service, providing full access to electronics and electrical parts and wiring.

A number of key criteria make the iPRO stand out from the crowd.
• The unique concept of using a central extruded aluminium heatsink as the base to mount inductors, Triacs, SCR’s and Circuit
Breakers, all fan cooled allowing for very efficient operation at high load conditions.
• Clever use of pushbuttons and displays to set the DMX512 address, to drive individual channels at varying levels, to create a
12 (6) channel scene that can be stored in non-volatile memory and to set a choice of fade curves for each dimmer channel.
• The electronics will remember any stored scene or dimmer curve set-up that will be reactivated once power has been restored.
• Multiple output connector types, including Australian 10A, 15A and 25A 3 pin GPO’s, Shuko 16A and its variants and 15A UK
style connectors.
• Ability to set individual dimmer curve settings for each channel.



i-Series Features

  • Installation dimmer in 6 and 12 channel versions.
  • 10 Amp, 13 Amp or 25 Amp output capacity per channel.
  • Designed for quick installation and termination.
  • Universal installation allowing for floor mounting, wall mounting or truss hanging.
  • Internal Fan cooling.
  • Choice of output connectors.
  • CE and Ctick approved.


Number of Dimmer channels
12 6
Channel output rating
13 Amps 25 Amps
Output connector options
/A Aust 3 pin 12 x 3-pin 15A Connectors Paired output connectors 1 x 25A + 1 x 15A per channel
Channel MCB type
1 Pole 1 Pole
Channel MCB breaking capacity
6000 Amps 6000 Amps
Current control technology
Yes Yes
Dimmer curve selection per channel
Yes Yes
Scene storage
Yes Yes
Power switching component
Triac (PTFD) Triac (PTFD)
Inductor rise time
200us 200us
Channel output mimic LEDs (Qty)
Yes (12) Yes (6)
Number of cooling fans
1 1
Fan cooling control
Variable Variable
External software upgradable
Yes Yes
Power up in last known state
Yes Yes
50/60Hz frequency auto-select
Yes Yes
100/240V input voltage
Yes (factory set) Yes (factory set)
220/240V input voltage
Yes (factory set) Yes (factory set)
Chassis style
Floor mounting, wall mounting or truss hanging. Removable front cover.
Product Dimensions
484W x 330H x 220D
19W x 9.9H x 8.7D
Product Weight
37.4 lb
Shipping Dimensions
484W x 330H x 220D
19W x 9.9H x 8.7D
Shipping Weight
44 lb
Made from corrosion resistant steel finish in grey and black powdercoat with rear screened polycarbonate labels. Front chassis is hinged to the frame.


Product Brochure
Product Key Benefits
Operators Manual
Specifiers Info
iPAK/PRO drawing
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iPRO/SE drawing



iPRO/UK drawing



iPRO/T drawing




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