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The new MDR-DIN splitter continues a long history of innovation at LSC. Based on the successful range of MDR splitters, the new MDR-DIN is a mounted product providing four individual outputs from one DMX/RDM input. Each output is completely electrically isolated from the input and all other outputs, ensuring that voltage differences and noise will not compromise your installation.

Remote Device Management (RDM) is an extension to the existing DMX standard and allows controllers to configure and, in some cases, monitor DMX-based products. The MDR-DIN handles the management of RDM signals across its four outputs. Unique to the MDR-DIN is the ability to individually disable RDM on any of its outputs using the front-panel switches. While many devices now offer RDM compatibility, there are still products available that do not perform correctly with RDM, causing the DMX network to flicker or jam when RDM signals are present. The MDR-DIN provides the ability to isolate these devices to one output by disabling the RDM, ensuring RDM can be used successfully on the remaining ports.

With LSC’s companion product, Houston-X, the state of the RDM-enabled switches can be monitored remotely and a list of connected RDM devices can be reported (including which output each device is connected to). Houston X also allows MDR-DIN software to be updated via RDM, so once it’s installed there’s no need to access the product again. Houston X is due for staged release throughout 2019.  

For installations that require a 19" rackmount or portable splitter, the MDR range offers many benefits. Click here for more information 


  • Four DMX/RDM outputs
  • Each output is electrically isolated from the input and all other outputs
  • RDM capability of each output port can be disabled for situations where legacy equipment is not compatible with RDM signals
  • Splitter is discoverable by RDM
  • Outputs can be labelled via RDM
  • LSC’s Houston-X monitoring and configuration system can display your network topography
  • Each output circuit can be labelled via RDM for greater clarity in more complex networks
  • LEDs for power, DMX and RDM activity
  • Easy software update via RDM
  • Conforms to the latest DMX/RDM standards
  • CE (European) and RCM (Australian) approved
  • Full two-year factory warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by LSC an Australian-owned company with over 30 years' experience in developing world-first DMX512 products



Number of Buffered Outputs
Input and Thru Connectors
RJ45 Push-fit terminals
Output Connectors
Individual RDM Disable per Port
DMX Protocol
ANSI DMX512-A Standard E1.11:2008 (R2013)
RDM Protocol
ANSI RDM Standard E1.20:2010
Power, DMX and RDM Indicator LED
Software Upgrade via RDM
All Inputs and Outputs Isolated
Galvanic Isolation Barrier
Short Circuit Protected
DMX512-A Compatible
Power Supply Requirements (not included)
9-24V DC (50W)
Individual RDM Disable Switches (per port)
Chassis Style
DINrail mount
Construction Style
High-strength, flame-retardant ABS plastic material
Physical Dimensions
88mm (w) x 59mm (d) x 104mm (h)
Actual Weight
Shipping Dimensions
92mm (w) x 64mm (d) x 108mm (h)

Order Codes

Order CodeDescription
MDRD/J MDR-DIN Splitter - RJ45 input and output DMX connectors and push-fit terminals on power input
MDRD/T MDR-DIN Splitter - push-fit terminals on power, input and output DMX connectors


Product Cut Sheet
Consultant's Specification
Line Drawings
User Manual


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MDRD/J front view    MDRD/J Front view
MDRD/J perspective view    MDRD/J Perspective view
MDRD/T front view    MDRD/T Front view
MDRD/T perspective view    MDRD/T Perspective view


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