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The TRS Touring Rack System has been designed to meet the current and future needs of the Touring, Production, Film and TV markets. Due to the massive change in these markets in recent years with the introduction of LEDs, Moving Lights, Video walls and other loads, LSC did a 'Clean Sheet' design, to ensure that the TRS meets all the requirements and current regulations in this demanding market.

The TRS uses the latest generation GenVI dimmer/distro modules, which provide both high quality PTFD dimming, as well as contactor bypass - for direct 240v power to the load. This provides the ultimate level of flexibility, as each channel can be easily configured to be a dimmer or a switched power outout via the full colour graphical touch screen user interface.


The TRS Head unit provides DMX and ethernet inputs (Art-Net, sACN and ShowNET) with priority merging. The 3.2" full colour LCD touchscreen provides an easy user interface for configuration, as well as providing full monitoring of 3phase and Neutral voltages and currents, with colour coded warning if anything strays outside the preset limits. It also provides switchable Blue/White LED worklights for the front of the rack and a desklight socket for the rear panel.

The power distribution module is located in the base of the TRS frame. The rear panel contains 400A PowerLock In and Thru connectors with Neon indicators to ensure that there are no wiring faults before the system is powere up. A 3phase and GPO outlets are also located on the rear panel, protected by individual RCD/MCBs located on the front panel. The GenVI modules are fed from individual 3phase+Nuetral MCBs located on the front panel for the highest level of safety.

The entire system is designed to remove any single point of failure. Each of the 4 GenVI modules will work indepentally via DMX, even if the Head unit is not connected. All the electronics are fed from triple power supplies, across the 3 phases so that the system will run with any combination of one, two or three phases. 

An optional top mounted patch bay allows for 2:1 parallel patching of every output to the rear panel multipin connectors. An LED desklight is provided to allow working in low light conditions. All patch leads are 3pin GST connectors, rated for 20A loads.


TRS Features

  • Fully flight cased 48 channel Touring dimmer/power distro system.
  • Removable front and rear covers (top is removable is the optional patchbay is included)
  • Choice of output connectors and patch configurations.
  • Integrated TRS Head Unit which monitors input voltage, current (3 phase + Neutral) and frequency.
  • Available with Socapex, Wieland 10 pole or Wieland 16 pole output connectors.
  • Internal Fan cooling.
  • CE approved.


TRS 48 x 16A front view   TRS front 300
Powerlock IN/Thru panel with CEE auxillary outputs   Power Input 800
Close up view of the GenVI module screens   TRS close up angle 300


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