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The RED3 sets a new standard in affordable dimming, providing a user friendly graphical touch screen interface with LSC's reputation for reliability and durability.

Built entirely in Australia, the RED3 combines the graphical user interface and  2.8" touch screen, from the popular Redback wallmount system, with a heavy duty 3RU 19" rack mount chassis. The result is an ideal touring or installation dimmer for schools, houses of worship and other venues where there is a need for simple dimming of conventional lighting.

Although being very affordable, the RED3 is not built cheaply. The output triacs are the same 41A rated devices as our top of the range GenVI dimmers, and the chassis's of both units share many parts.

Each channel is protected by a 10A thermal magnetic breaker, and the user interface allows both Minimum (pre-heat) and Maximum (set this to 230v to increase your lamp life) levels for individual channels.
The easy to use riggers control allows any channel to be driven directly from the front panel of the dimmer, without needing a lighting console. The levels are saved for retrieval at power on, allowing the dimmer to be turned off and then return to the same levels when next powered up, making it ideal for small trade show stands and stand alone events.

As with all LSC products, the RED3 is covered by a comprehensive 24 months parts and labour warranty, that is transferable if the unit is sold, and also covers the RED3 in hire and production rental usage.

Discover the difference that is RED3.



  • Easy to read 2.8" full colour TFT touch screen.
  • Graphical User Interface for simple configuration and control of the dimmer rack.
  • 100% duty cycle rated at 10A per channel, with all channels fully loaded.
  • Full 512 channel softpatch - patch any DMX channel to any combination of dimmer channels.
  • Riggers Control for local control of outputs, complete with multiple inbuilt chase options.
  • User selectable Minimum (Bottom Set) Level per channel, to allow preheating of lamps.
  • User selectable Maximium (Top Set) level per channel setting, to reduce output and increase lamp life.
  • Current Control technology fitted as standard to reduce cold lamp in rush and prevent nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.
  • Low noise temperature controlled fans.
  • Easy software update via SD card slot located on the front panel.
  • DMX back up scene with programmable delay time.
  • Multi level User Interface Lock to prevent accidental changes to settings.
  • Thermal Magnetic circuit breakers.
  • Front panel DMX In & Thru via 5pin XLR connectors.
  • Rear panel options include 10A Australian GPO outlets, Socapex, Wieland/Harting 16 pole and Screw Terminals.
  • Auto voltage and frequency adjustment, with Dropped Neutral protection.
  • On board, context sensitive Help.
  • DMX512-A input with RDM capability for remote configuration.
  • Rugged all metal construction.
  • Made in Australia with a full 2 year warranty


RED3 Specifications

Max Load per channel
10 Amps
Thermo-Magnetic Breakers
DMX-512A input with RDM functionality
Control Surface
2.8" color LCD with touchscreen.
Pre-heat (min) and Top set (max) levels per channel
Remote monitoring and control via RDM
Visual Alarms for Phase fail, over temperature and loss of DMX
Local Rigger's Control alt
Standalone mode with static scene and/or one of six variable speed chase patterns
Fan Control
Auto or Constant
Colour Touchscreen with simple and intuitive navigation
Dimming Curves
Operating Temperature range
Output Connector Options
/A 12 x 3-pin 15A Australian GPO style connectors
/S 12 x Schuko Connectors
/T Hardwired (terminals)
/W 2 x Wieland (Harting) 16-pin multi-pole connectors
/X 2 x 19-pin Socapex multi-pole connectors
Power Supply
Nominal 100-240 Volts. 3-phase star with fully rated neutral. 50-60Hz
Operating range typically 90-260V, 45-65Hz.
Earthing System: TN-S
Power Input Connection
All models except /T : 1m flying 3phase tail, fitted with 3phase plug in Australia, no plug fitted on Export models.
/T has screw terminals for power input.
Control Input
DMX512 (1990) or DMX512-A (E1-11) and RDM (E1-20) via right-hand side panel mounted 5-pin AXR in and thru connectors
Product Dimensions - W x D x H
483 x 300 x 132mm
19.0 x 11.8 x 5.25 inches
Shipping Dimensions - W x D x H
580  x 500  x 210 mm
22.8  x 19.7 x 8.25 inches
Product Weight:
13.5kg / 30 lb
Product Weight (Packed):
16 kg / 35.5 lb
Shipping Weight (Australia)
16 kg / 35.5 lb
Shipping Weight (Export)
16 kg / 35.5 lb

Order Codes

RED3 Order Codes

Order CodeDescription
RED3 12ch x 10A Dimmer rack. 3RU 19" rack mount with MCB protection. Fitted with Australian 12 x 10A GPO outlets, three phase tail and plug.
RED3 12ch x 10A Dimmer rack. 3RU 19" rack mount with MCB protection. Fitted with Shuko outlets, three phase tail only, no plug.
RED3 12ch x 10A Dimmer rack. 3RU 19"" rack mount with MCB protection. Fitted with Screw terminals on rear panel for power and load connections.
RED3 12ch x 10A Dimmer rack. 3RU 19" rack mount with MCB protection. Fitted with 2 x Wieland connectors, three phase tail and plug. (No plug on Export models)
RED3 12ch x 10A Dimmer rack. 3RU 19" rack mount with MCB protection. Fitted with 2 x 19pin Socapex connectors, three phase tail and plug. (No plug on Export models)



Product Cut Sheet
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Line Drawings
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Operator's Manual (Letter and A4 formats)
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Click on the following images for a larger view.

RED3 front view   RED3FrontView
RED3 Riggers Screen   RED3 Riggers Control
RED3 Close up of front panel controls   RED3 Front Right Closeup
RED12/10A Rear Panel   RED12/10A Rear Panel
RED12/10S Rear Panel   RED12/10S Rear Panel
RED12/10T Rear Panel   RED12/10T Rear Panel
RED12/10W Rear Panel   RED12/10W Rear Panel
RED12/10X Rear Panel   RED12/10X Rear Panel


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