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DNA 1RU rack housing

The new DNA range is an installer's dream come true. When trying to decide what type of data backbone to put into a modern venue, there is the inevitable question of whether to use DMX512 or Ethernet. DMX512 is still prevalent today but Ethernet is gaining ground - how do you future-proof your investment? Which solution do you choose to install?

With DNA you no longer have to make that decision. The new DNA system allows for both topologies. DNA utilises a Cat5/6 cabling backbone and that means, not only can it carry DMX512 or Ethernet signals, but almost any electrician these days can install and test it. This also provides an easy delineation between electrical and specialist lighting contractor work. The electrician can run the Cat5 cables, terminate with RJ45 connectors, test and certify. Then the lighting contractor can walk in, plug in the DNA panels and send DMX, knowing that the cables work – no more fighting over who is responsible for a cable fault.

DNA-4-port Aus
The clever part of DNA is the choice of connector modules that fit to the ends of the Cat 5/6 cables. DNA provides both DMX512 and Ethernet connector modules so your data backbone can carry DMX512 today and in the future with a change to Ethernet connector modules, you have a fully functioning Ethernet system.
There is also no reason why you cannot mix and match and have some DMX512 ports and some Ethernet ports at the same time either today or in the future.
DNA - Female XLR Adapter



The DNA system utilises "home run" cable technology. This means that cables will run from each of the locations where the distributed signals are required back to a central location generally the Bio box or an equipment room.

The backbone for the DNA systems is STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) Cat5/6 cabing, so the first easy decision is to install this cabling into your venue running from the "home" location to each of the remote locations and terminate each end of the cables with standard RJ45 connectors.
Each run of Cat5/6 cable can carry either one Ethernet port or 1 or 2 universes of DMX512 data so using this knowledge it is simple to calculate how many cables runs are required to each remote location.

At the central location (home), one or more 1RU patch panels, as shown above, are used. The Cat 5/6 RJ45 connectors are plugged into the DMX512 or Ethernet connector modules as required and these connector modules are then fixed into the 1RU panel. More 1RU panels can be added as required depending on the size of the installation and the types and quantities of connector modules fitted to any given panel is up to the designer.

These patch panels then allow the remote locations to be patched to Ethernet switches or DMX Splitters, depending on the technology chosen.

At the remote locations, the Cat 5/6 RJ45 connector are plugged into the opposite sex DMX512 connector modules or Ethernet connector modules as required and fitted into wall plates.

The DNA system offers wall plates for 1, 2 or 4 connectors in Australian or UK style dimensions.

For simplicity the Connector Modules are sold in matching pairs, one for each end of the cable. In the case of the DMX512 modules, there is one of each gender and for Ethernet two Ethercon (female) connectors are provided.

Order Codes

DNA Order Codes

Order CodeDescription
DNA/WP1 Wall plate with 1 off hole for connector, with standard back box
DNA/WP2 Wall plate with 2 off holes for connector, with standard back box
DNA/WP4 Wall plate with 4 off holes for connector, with standard back box
/U Add ***/U to the above codes for the European/UK version wall plates
DNA/RP1 19” 1RU patch panel without connectors. Add with the part codes below as required
Connector Options
DNA/E1 Two PCBs each with 1xEthercon to RJ45 connector.
DNA/D1 One PCB with 1x5-Pin Male XLR to RJ45 & One PCB with 1x5-Pin Female XLR to RJ45.
DNA/D2 One PCB with 2x5-Pin Male XLR to RJ45 & One PCB with 2x5-Pin Female XLR to RJ45.
DNA/D11 One PCB with 1x5-Pin Male XLR + 1x5-pin Female XLR to RJ45 & One PCB with 1x5-Pin Female XLR + 1x5-Pin Male XLR to RJ45.



Line Drawings 



DNA/RP1 is a 1RU punched panel and comes without connectors. It is shown here fitted with a mixture of Connector Modules as an example.   DNA 1RU rack housing
DNA/E1 - comes with 2 x Ethercon Connector Modules comprising an Ethercon socket to an RJ45 socket.   DNA-Ethercon          DNA-Ethercon
DNA/D1 - comes with one male Connector Module and one female connector module for a single universe of DMX512 data. Each XLR is connected to the single RJ45 connector on the rear.   DNA - Female XLR Adapter   DNA - Male XLR Adapter
DNA/D2 - comes with one Connector Module fitted with two female XLR connectors and one Connector Module fitted with two Male XLR connectors for two universes of DMX512 data. Each XLR is connected to the single RJ45 connector on the rear.   DNA/D2 Male    DNA/D2 Female
DNA/D11 - comes with two Connector Modules each fitted with one female XLR connector and one male XLR connector for one universe of DMX512 data in each direction. Each XLR is connected to the single RJ45 connector on the rear.   DNA/D11     DNA/D11


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