Clarity VX20 Wing

Playback Wings for Clarity Control System

The VX series of products form part of the LSC Clarity control package and are external hardware control platforms commonly called "Wings". Available in 2 models, the VX Wings allow direct control of Clarity's many features. Providing a bridge between the PC world of mouse control and the traditional dedicated lighting control console, the VX series draws on the best of both worlds.

Connecting directly to the PC/Mac via a USB cable, the VX wings offer direct control of intensity and playbacks via buttons and faders. The VX wings also have inbuilt QX Nodes providing DMX512 outputs via connectors on the backpanel. There are also 6 remote dry contact trigger inputs available.

The VX10 provides ten playback each with a 60mm fader for intensity control, a Go button, Pause button and Flash button. These 10 playbacks are grouped into 99 pages giving 990 possible playbacks. Each playback has a LCD display located directly above it for labelling and direct information as to what is in the playback and what state it is in.

The VX20 offer all the facilities of the VX10 with the addition of 10 extra faderless playbacks; MIDI In and Thru; integrated trackball that can be used for both Attribute control as well mouse movement control on the PC; Extended programming control via dedicated buttons and an in-built universal power supply.

A Grand Master, DBO, a secured compartment for the Clarity dongle and a provision for a LED worklight completes the package - merely plug it into your PC/Mac running Clarity and you are ready to go.
Note that the VX wings do not work with the free version of Clarity.


VX Features

  • Integrates directly with any PC or Mac via USB;
  • Ability to load any playback onto any master within Clarity;
  • Backlit LCD display for each playback;
  • Go button per playback;
  • Pause/ Back button for each playback;
  • Easy to find, Master Go button;
  • Ten playbacks with 60mm fader;
  • Record Button;
  • Edit Button;
  • 99 pages;
  • Grand Master;
  • DBO button;
  • LED Desklamp socket (LED lamp optional extra);
  • Inbuilt USB Hub;
  • Secure compartment for installing Dongle;
  • Two DMX512 RDM compatible outputs;
  • USB powered;
  • Supplementary power input socket (Plug pack);
  • Six external dry contact inputs for remote control;

Extra functions available on the VX20

  • Trackball control of Intensity, Position, Beam and Focus;
  • Trackball can be used as Computer mouse;
  • Extra 10 faderless playbacks with Go, Back/Pause buttons;
  • Buttons for HiLite, Blind Mode, Release All, Clear All;
  • Playback split into 2 x 5 x 99 pages;
  • Extra two DMX512 RDM compatible outputs (total 4);
  • Universal Mains power input - (replaces VX10 plugpak input);



Number of Fader Playbacks (60mm)
10 10
Number of Faderless Playbacks
Graphical LCD for Playback labelling
alt alt
Number of Pages
99 2 x 99
DMX512 Output Ports
2 4
RDM Compatible DMX512 ports
alt alt
Inbuilt USB Hub
alt alt
Front-mounted USB connector for Flash Disk, keyboard, keypad, tablet or any other USB device.
alt alt
alt alt
PC Mouse control
alt alt
Double width GO button
alt alt
Remote inputs
6 6
alt alt
Power Supply
USB or External Power supply (not supplied) Universal power supply 85-240V 50/60Hz with IEC power input socket.
Secure Dongle compartment
alt alt
Desklight Outlet suits LSC's LED-LITE (LED lamp not included)
alt alt
Kensington Lock slot
alt alt
Product Dimensions
mm 398 x 296 x 86 512 x 296 x 86
inches 15.7" x 11.7" x 3.4" 20.1" x 11.7" x 3.4"
Product Weight
kg 4.5 5
lbs 9.9 11
Shipping Dimensions
mm 560 x 340 x 120 560 x 340 x 120
inches 22 x 13.4 x 4.7 22 x 13.4 x 4.7
Shipping Weight
kg 8 8
lbs 17.6 17.6

Note that the VX wings will not work with the free version of Clarity.



Product Brochure
Line Drawings
Clarity Software Link
Operator's Manual
Product Videos
Clarity Software Link
Clarity Software Link


VX Wing Product Codes


Available sizes
LSC Clarity VX10 Wing complete with 2 x DMX512 outputs, 99 pages of 10 playbacks, LCD labelling and USB port.
LSC Clarity VX20 Wing complete with 4 x DMX512 outputs, 99 pages of 10 fader playbacks and 10 faderless playbacks, LCD labelling, MIDI in and thru, USB port and in-built power supply.



VX Wing Images


Here are some shots of the VX wings.

Simply click on any image for an enlarged view.

VX10 Front panel  
VX10 Front Panel
VX10 Rear Panel  

LSC Clarity VX10 Rear Panel


VX20 Front Panel

VX20 Front Panel
VX20 Rear Panel  

LSC Clarity VX20 Rear Panel


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