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PC/Mac based lighting and media control

LSC has been manufacturing lighting control consoles for over 30 years. Continuing on with this tradition, we are pleased to present LSC Clarity – a powerful PC or Mac based lighting and media control package.

Promising to excite even the most experienced user, LSC Clarity is truly feature packed and offers seamless integrated control of any type of light on a stage be they PAR cans, LEDs, moving fixtures, colour scrollers, LED matrix walls and even Media Servers all from the one intuitive user interface.


LSC Clarity has already had an impact on the industry. Richard Cadena (editor of PLSN magazine) summed it up when he saw the preview at InfoComm in June 2009:

.... most impressive was the new Clarity PC-based lighting console with very well laid out graphical displays and lots and lots of features starting with the Carallon fixture library through the many dockable windows and much more. It has two optional wings and several options for output channels. This is going to be a seriously advanced control system when it starts shipping in a couple of months. (The original text can be found here)

Available in four sizes providing from 1 through to an amazing 128 Universes, Clarity is capable of handling small shows right through to pixel-mapped LED walls on a large scale. The software is highly configurable and easy to use. Click on the Video Tab and look at the videos to see a small snippet of what Clarity is capable of.

LSC also offer hardware support products in the form of DMX output devices and control Wings. Three DMX output devices QX1, QX2 and QX4 are available providing 1, 2 and 4 DMX512 outputs respectively. Two control wings VX10 and VX20 are also available and offer playbacks, master control and in the VX20 control buttons and a trackball. All QX and VX devices can be interconnected - so a VX20+ 2 x VX10 + 1 x QX2 can all be used on a single system to provide extra playbacks and increase the number of DMX outputs.

Paul Collison (Beijing Olympics) reviewed LSC Clarity in the August edition of AV Magazine in Australia in which he comments "LSC have done a great job in creating a control package that can be scaled to suit most needs. Overall this is an impressive combination of software and hardware". His full review can be read here.

But you don't have to believe what anyone says - try it out for yourself. A fully working version of Clarity can be downloaded from here.



Clarity Features

  • Integrated full Carallon fixture library;
  • Comprehensive LED Matrix control;
  • Media Server Integration;
  • Flexible programming, timing and effects;
  • Transferable programming between different fixture types (copy-paste and fixture cloning);
  • Lock cuelists and chases to a common metronome and automatically scale them to fit into musical durations;
  • Advanced real-time effects with graphical editor and extensive and extensible inbuilt library;
  • Quickly combine building-block elements and save combinations for instant recall, all in perfect synchronisation;
  • Filter and modify existing cuelists and chases to achieve unlimited combinations and permutations, all without duplicating the original data;
  • Comprehensive programmer contents, cuelist contents, output and DMX levels view;
  • Undockable screens to support multi monitor setups;
  • Dual programmers for comparing looks;
  • Several sizes available to suit your needs;
  • Two types of Wing available for for direct hardware control.
  • Built-in RDM master;
  • MIDI control
  • Keyboard command line input (e.g. Channel 1 thru 27 @ 50%);




Number of DMX channels
512 1024 2048 8096 65,536
Outputs (all types can be used concurrently)
Art-Net over Ethernet or USB via QX nodes or VX wings
Number of Fixtures
No practical limit
Number of Cues
No practical limit
Number of Cue Lists
No practical limit
Number of Presets
Media Server Integration
Connects directly to Arkaos, Hippotizer, Pandoras Box, Robe Digispots
Command Line Interface
Free Download
alt Unlimited channels, all features fully funcitonal (random 10 second blackouts unless CT dongle connected)
Playback wings
alt VX10 and VX20
Fixture Library
Fixture substitution
Built-in RDM Functionality
RDM Compatible USB to DMX decoders
Tick QX2 (2 DMX Outputs) and QX4 (4 DMX Outputs)
Operating sys
Windows 7 / 10 (32 or 64 bit), Mac OS X
Recommended minimum Hardware
Intel i5 or equivelant
2GB RAM, 500MB disk space,
1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
1 x Free USB 2.0 port
(Ethernet connection required for Art-Net output)
Apple Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) or later
Intel i5 Processor
2GB RAM, 250MB free hard-disk space
1024x768 minimum screen resolution
1 x Free USB 2.0 port
(Ethernet connection required for Art-Net output)
Shipping Dimensions
mm 150 x 95 x 10 mm
inches 8" x 5" x 0.8"
Shipping Weight
gm 100gm
oz 14



Clarity Screen Shots

Here is a collection of some of the different screens that can be found in Clarity..

Simply click on any image for an enlarged view.

This is the patch window on Clarity showing a number of different fixtures loaded and some Mac550 being patched. Clarity Patch
  This is a display of the Output Levels from Clarity in a graphical view. The output for each selected fixture can be seen.
Clarity Levels
A view of the Pixel Matrix tab where a source object can be selected and the parameters for the output easily adjusted. Clarity Matrix
  Patching an LED array is child's play with Clarity. Merely choose the type and quantity of LED arrays and then select how they are mapped. Easy!
Clarity Matrix Settings

The heart of Clarity - The Programmer tab. Select your fixture(s), set their intensity, use the Universal Interface to set colour and position now matter what type of fixtures they are.

Clarity Programming Attributes
  Timing is all graphical in this window so you can see when a fade starts, when it stops and how long it goes for. Click and drag times so you get what you want.
Clarity Programming Timing
Clarity extends Presets and introduces Freesets - write a Freeset once and apply it across any number of fixtures - colour fans, position fans even a chase. Endless possibilities. Clarity Palettes
  Clarity doesn't stop at moving fixtures - it includes direct Media Server control including Arkaos, Pandora's Box, Hippotizer and others, straight out of the box. You can also apply Clarity's effects engine to the output. Clarity Hippo Selection




Product Brochure
Operator's Manual
Clarity Software Link



Clarity Product Codes

Available sizes
LSC CLARITY Software suite with dongle — 512 DMX Slots (can be split across multiple universes)
LSC CLARITY Software suite with dongle — 1024 DMX Slots (can be split across multiple universes)
LSC CLARITY Software suite with dongle — 2048 DMX Slots (can be split across multiple universes)
LSC CLARITY Software suite with dongle -- 8096 DMX slots (can be split across multiple universes)
LSC CLARITY Software suite with dongle — Unlimited Universes (current practical limit is 128 Universes)


LSC Clarity Hardware

Hardware currently available for LSC Clarity includes DMX512 output devices (nodes) and Control Wings.

All of these devices connect to the Computer via USB.

Click on the image to be taken to the individual pages for each of these products.

QX1, QX2 or QX4 DMX512 Nodes.

These units connect to the PC via the USB interface and provide one (QX1), two (QX2) or four (QX4) RDM enabled DMX512 outputs.

LSC Clarity QX2

VX10 Wing

The VX10 control surface connect to the PC or Mac via a USB connection. It provides 10 playback faders, LCD label displays, a Grand Master, control buttons and six remote control inputs. The VX10 also provides two RDM enabled DMX512 outputs and a built in compartment for the software dongle. Thus being self contained means you plug in your VX10 to a PC (with Clarity installed) and you are ready to go.

LSC Clarity VX10

VX20 Wing

The VX20 extends on the VX10 by offering split paging, an extra 10 faderless playbacks, four RDM enabled DMX512 outputs, recording control buttons and a trackball. With a built-in universal power supply, MIDI in and through the VX20 is ready for any sized show.

LSC Clarity VX20


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