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The LSC ePlates are an addition to the EKO installation dimmer. They provide remote control push button or slide fader control of the EKO dimmer for applications such as entrances, side stage lighting control, emergency controller interface and other applications where it is not practical or suitable to use DMX.  The ePlates are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit varying requirements.   Each ePlate is fully programmable using the LSC toolbox software making the system extremely versatile.   The ePlates are the same physical size as a regular Australian/US light switch and are supplied complete with a wall box when exported into the European market.

The ePlates and EKOs dimmers are networked together using standard CAT5/6 – RJ45 cable and can form a very simple network, or if used with the ancillary LNET support products, they can form an extensive and flexible network of lighting control.  With full status feedback, backlight illumination, legend able front panels and slim line design they will complement most installations and decors. 

Available in 1 button, 2 button, 4 button, 8 button, Single Fader, dual Fader, and combinations of buttons and faders, there is an ePlate to suit the need of most venues.

The status of all network nodes (EKO and Eplates) may be monitored using the LSC Houston software and the LNET/USB interface connected to a PC.  This tool provides real time system information about every node in the network.



ePlate Features

  • Tactile push button with LED status feedback.
  • Internal memory recall system.  Puts the functionality of the system inside the Eplate so it is not reliant on a single point module.
  • Interfaces to EKO and TEKO series of LSC dimmers and LSC LNET interface devices.
  • Standard Australian single gang wall plate size.
  • Hard wearing polycarbonate front panel decal – with space for labelling
  • Available with different colours clip on surrounds for enhanced appearance.
  • Programmable using LSC toolbox software and USB interface.
  • All Eplates may be programmed from a central location.
  • Internal termination via slide switch on the ePlate.
  • Cat5/6 - RJ45 connection of all data cabling using simple 'daisy chain' topology, just like DMX.
  • 1,2,4 & 8 buttons modules available.
  • 1,2 and 4 fader options available
  • Combination button and fader modules available.


ePlate Specifications

Number of Buttons
8 4 2 0 0 0
Number of Faders
0 0 0 4 2 1
Dimensions (mm)

75W x 116H x 35D

75W x 116H x 35D

75W x 116H x 35D

75W x 116H x 35D

75W x 116H x 35D

75W x 116H x 35D

Weight (kg)
0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Operating Voltage
12-24v DC.  Power is provided by the EKO dimmers and, if required, supplemented by  LNET PSU module/s.
Power consumption 1w maximum (all LEDs illuminated)


ePlate Downloads

Product Brochure
ePlate drawing (DXF)
LSC Networking Technical Overview
ePlate software
LNet Toolbox software
LNet RS232 protocol documentation


ePlate Images

EP/8B (Gold)
EP/8B (Gold)
EP/4F (Gold)
EP/2B (Gold)
EP/2B (Silver)



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