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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00

A new version of software for the Mantra Lite console has been released.

The main changes are as follows:

New Features:

  1. IPCB (Intensity, Position, Colour, Beam) filtering added. Cues are still recorded with all parameters. To filter a cue, go into the cue edit window. The IPCB buttons are all enabled by default, and can be tapped to enable/disable the 4 filter types.
  2. Text fields (e.g CueName) now have all the text highlighted when selected, allowing typing to instantly replace the existing text. Two new buttons on the pop-up keyboard allow the cursor to be moved back and forth in the text edit window.
  3. The time required to save a show has been reduced, it is now more than 600% faster than in previous versions.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The performance of the console would be reduced if there were more than 100 cues in any one cuelist that was displayed on the main screen.
  2. Chases would occasionally flash to full between steps.
  3. Red, Green, Blue colours would fade at different rates to White, Amber and UV (and other parameters) on fixtures with virtual intensity.
  4. Virtual Intensity did not control non RGB colours (e.g. White, Amber, UV) of custom fixtures.
  5. Clear All did not clear animations from fixtures patched to wings.
  6. Bringing up the Red and Yellow masters at the same time would stop any Red playbacks from operating until the individual playback sliders were cycled.
  7. Occasionally when entering custom text into the Attribute name field of the fixture editor it would change to INTENSITY when the keyboard was closed.
  8. When opening the Cue Edit window sometimes the current cue was not automatically selected.
  9. Some colours (Amber, UV, Lime) would appear in the Other app instead of the Colour app.
  10. sACN did not work. The [enable] button did not actually do anything, meaning sACN was never enabled. This was found by the LSC R&D team, so obviously no one in the field has tried to use sACN on the Mantra Lite 

Click here to download the new software.





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