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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 09:36

The new recently released v2.0 software update for APS, adds the ability to set any of the outputs to direct DMX control mode.

This allows the output to be given a specific DMX address for turning the relay on/off via a DMX level. If the DMX level is above 60% the relay is turned on and if the DMX level is below 40% the relay is turned off.

This adds to the existing APS functionality of Automatic Power Switching - providing simple control of power to lights, audio and video systems. As soon as the APS sees a DMX or GPI signal (e.g. the lighting console is turned on) it energises all the outputs. When the DMX/GPI signal stops (e.g. the lighting console is turned off) the APS waits for a specified time (1 to 60 minutes) and then automatically powers off all the connected devices.

The versatility of this new update means that a venue could have 10 outputs controlled by auto power and 2 outputs of DMX direct control for their effects and specials.


The new APS user interface showing a
combination of DMX and
APS controlled outputs

(Outputs 1,2 & 3 are DMX switched -
1 & 3 are On and 2 is Off.
Outputs 4 through 12 are in APS mode
 and are powered up.)

LSC 100



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