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Tuesday, 19 July 2016 16:41

A new version of software for the Mantra Lite console has been released.

The main changes are as follows:

New Features:

  1. The crossfade engine for cuelists is now totally Dipless for all parameters.
  2. It is now possible to record a blackout memory. If the user attempts to record a cue with all the lights at zero intensity, they are asked if they want to record a blackout cue before the record action is finalised.
  3. A [Clear All] button has been added to the Centre soft button on the Apps screen, for quicker access to this feature.
  4. The DMX update speed has been increased for smoother fading of LED fixtures.
  5. Unpatched fixtures are now hidden in the RigView to reduce clutter.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The Mantra console could crash after many hours of continuous operation if more than 2 chases were running and controlling the same lights (#1458).
  2. A corrupted show file could stop the Mantra from creating a new show, or loading any other shows (#1552).
  3. Tapping on an empty ‘recent colour’ in the Colour App would crash the Mantra (#1563).
  4. The Autobackup function could sometimes create a multiple versions of a show. This manifested as a showname with multiple .sav extensions (#1550).
  5. An Autosaved show would be lost if the Mantra crashed before the user manually saved the show (#1528).
  6. The hidden [Clear] button on the Home screen has been removed (#1546).
  7. Active cuelists were no longer controllable after a page change (i.e. when in Page Freeze mode), as the go button was disconnected (#1526).
  8. Chases would stop running at certain speeds. E.g. 301-360 BPM (#1530).
  9. Renaming a cue to the same name as another cue had issues in certain circumstances (#1527).
  10. It was possible to have animations appear in a recorded cue even if there was no animation playing when the cue was recorded (#1484, #1519).
  11. Chases with Other parameters set to Snap, would change the attribute at the end of a slow chase step instead of at the beginning (#1520).
  12. Cues recorded in v1.0 software would be labelled as Chases when first loaded into v1.11 software (#1530).
  13. The Yellow flash buttons would fail after a cuelist with those lights included was played on a Red playback (#1532).

Known Issues:

  1. If a cue inside a chase contains an Animation, and the previous or next cue has the same light at 100%, then the light will momentarily flash to full at the start/end of the fade.
  2. If a new show is loaded or one is imported and no changes are made to it, the console
    will not remember this if power is turned off too quickly (less than one minute). The
    show however is not lost; you just need to reload it using the Load function.
  3. Some language buttons are greyed out – these languages will be added soon.
  4. Issues may be experienced with USB keyboards where the keyboard loses focus when
    the Caps Lock on the USB keyboard is tapped.
  5. The pop up error message shown when tapping the colour picker with no fixture selected
    can act erratically.

Click here to download the new software.





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