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Monday, 25 May 2015 12:05

Dimmers are a dying breed. Or so we all thought...

It is pretty obvious that the use of high powered dimmers in our industry is on the decline, particularly in the touring sector where LED fixtures and moving lights are now providing the bulk of the light on stage.

However there is still a demand for dimming in our industry and by the sales of our GenVI dimmer the demand is still healthy. In fact, GenVI is turning out to be the best selling dimmer product we have ever released with literally hundreds of them leaving the building on a regular basis.
Why is this so? Well there are a few reasons but here are just three.

  1. While demand for dimming has dropped off, the GenVI offers more than just dimming. It can also provide power distribution. each channel on the GenVI can be configured to be either a dimmer or DMX controlled direct power. We introduced this technology to the market several years ago in our professional EKO range of products under the brand TruPower. So using a GenVI product allows users to decide on the day what it is going to drive. Today channel 4 might be dimming a Source 4 and tomorrow it might be supplying power to a moving light. It is up to the operator. So your investment is future proofed.

  2. The type of loads that are around these days that may need dimming are not just traditional incandescent. These days there all sorts of loads and LED are starting to make up the bulk of these. The thing about LEDs is that they are low powered and often a non-linear load. Most other dimmers on the market cannot handle these aspects of low power / non-linear loads without having a dummy load in parallel (to swamp the effects of the LED and make the load look more normal).  However the GenVI can handle the vast majority of these types of loads out of the box. The design of the dimmer uses our PTFD technology - you can click on the link to read more about how this works.

  3. Health and safety has become more and more critical as our industry strives to make our world safer. Several years ago Residual Current Devices (RCD) also known as Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI) or Earth Leakage breakers (ELCB) started being introduced and are a good way to protect users and equipment from power faults. However these are usually rated to trip at 30mA of leakage. Not so long ago with standard incandescent lamps, this was a suitable solution however today, many of the devices used in a rig generate a small amount of earth leakage. While individually this is not a problem, if your rig has lots of these types of devices, 30mA can be exceeded and subsequently take out a main power source sending at least part of the stage to black - not a good look.
    The GenVI dimmer gets around this by providing a 30mA RCD per channel. This means that each channel has the same protection but if there is a fault on one channel then only that channel's breaker will trip leaving the rest of the rig to continue on.

You might think that all this technology would mean that the price of a GenVI has to be high but not so. LSC spend a lot of investment on our products and part of that effort is to make sure that we deliver the best product for the lowest price. Yes this technology a few years ago did cost a lot more but now it comes for about the same price as our standard dimmer would have cost a few years ago and it is still designed and manufactured in Australia.

It is these and other advantages of the GenVI that make it so popular. Have a look for yourself.


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