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Friday, 02 October 2015 13:02

PLASA has rolled around again and as it has been for 26 years, LSC will exhibit once again, this year on booth D22

Mantra Lite

This year we have several new products to show and leading the charge is the new Mantra Lite console designed for the smaller show and the novice user. Mantra can control 24 fixtures (48 in the near future with wings) of any type, generic, LED, moving LED and moving lights. The 7" capacitive touch screen allows users to easily program colour or position and see immediately on the rig view what is going on. Where Mantra really shines in in effects. Its unique "Animate" function is so simple that a novice can have colour effects or even a mexican wave happening in no time at all.   MANTRA 300 

TRS Touring Racks

In what might seem to be starting a whole new trend, LSC will also show a 48 channel x 13A touring dimmer system this year. Well not only a dimmer system, as the rack is designed using the GenVI dimmer/distro module which, with its PFTD control and relay bypass, means any channel can be set to control any load no matter what it is. Dimming today, distro tomorrow and combination of both the next day - PARs, moving lights, LEDs, spots, festoon lights, anything - true flexibility.
The head unit that controls all of this also offers Ethernet or DMX512 input and full current and voltage monitoring including neutral. Topping the package off is the ventilation system that ventilates front to back meaning that now you can stack the units side by side when operating without having to worry about leaving a ventilation gap.
Oops almost forgot to mention that they are also available in 24x25A and 12x63A units as well. 
          TRS front 300 

FilmPro Dimmers

 As their name suggests, FilmPro dimmers are aimed at the film and TV market as location packs. Designed with ruggedness in mind to withstand the hard life these units get in the field, there are three models in the range, 6x10A, 3x25A and 1x63A. The 6x10A model offers CEE form outlets with a Socapex in parallel as well as another Socapex that feeds hot power direct from the breakers. All three outlets can be used simultaneously for added flexibility. The other models offer CEE form outputs.   FILMPro 6x10A 300 


Clarity, LX, GenVI and more...

Of course the flagship console Clarity LX will be on display showing the latest software, along with GenVI dimmers, APS Smart Power distribution, Nexus Ethernet converters and MDR splitters and a few other little snippets.    LX600FrontLeft 150 

With all this on view, we look forward to seeing you at PLASA on booth D22. Come talk to Pete, Gary or Richie.


LSC 100



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