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Monday, 12 May 2014 01:30

We have a collection of surplus stock and second-hand products that we have accumulated over time and it is now time to clear out the warehouse prior to the end of the financial year so we are offering the following products for direct sale at great prices.

Note that this list will change with time with products removed as they are sold and others added as time goes on. So check back here often to see what has changed.

There is a mixture of ex-demonstration products, some 2nd hand units from trade ins, factory seconds and even brand new product. All LSC products have been fully tested and we offer a standard warranty so you can be sure that they are ready for work. The warranty offered on all products is as listed.

These products are for sale for cash only at the listed price and are offered on a first-come first-served basis.
GST of 10% will be added to these prices for sales within Australia.
We can also arrange delivery for virtually anywhere in the world at prevailing rates. Ask us for a quote.
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ManufacturerLSC Order CodeDescriptionConditionQtyPrice each (AUD) +GSTWarrantyReference

maXim XXLP and Road case.
Recently in used on major TV programs this console was traded in on an LX Console. It is in top condition and has been well looked after.

90% 1 SOLD  1 year L01
LSC RB2/6A/10 Redback 6 channel dimmer - Brand New!
End of model runout. Grab the last one at a great price.
100% 1 Sold, 1 left  $960.00  2 years L02
LSC TEKO3/6T TEKO v3 dimmer rack. 6 x 25A with screw terminal inputs/outputs. Brand New in the its box. Surplus to requirements. 100% 1 $1,795.00  2 years L03
LSC IPAK/A End of Model, these units are Brand New but the IPAK has been discontinued. Units will be built to order.  100% 10 $1,200.00 2 years   L04
LSC EPRO3 End of Model runout. The ePRO has been replaced by the GenVI but we still have parts left to build more ePROs. On sale while stocks last. All types of backpanels available. 100% Now only 3
 $1,400.00 2 years. L05
WDMX A40001 W-DMX Blackbox S-1 indoor Transmitter (1st Generation) 100% 1  $250.00  None W01
WDMX A40002 W-DMX Blackbox T-1 outdoor Transmitter (1st Generation) IP65 rated 100% 1  $250.00  None W02
WDMX A40103 W-DMX Blackbox R-512 outdoor Receiver (1st Generation) IP65 rated 100% 1  $250.00 None W03
WDMX A40201 W-DMX Blackbox RP-512 Pro outdoor Repeater (1st Generation) IP65 rated 100% 1  $250.00 None W04
ADB ADB-ALC4 RGBW cyc LED fixture. Supplied in roadcase (with SYM and BARN reflectors). These are ex-demo units used by LSC when introducing this revolutionary product. 90% and 80% 2 $2,200.00 1 year A01
ADB ADB-ALC4/ASYM Ex Demo - Asymmetrical reflector for ALC4. Supplied in roadcases. 70% 2 $250.00 1 year A02
ADB ADB-WARP/22-50 Ex Demo - Warp 22/50 800w fixture. Ready to go. Also includes one extra unit - good for spare parts only. No boxes! 70% 1 $550.00 None A03
ADB ADB-WARP/M/22-50 Ex Demo - Motorised Warp 22/50 – fully factory rebuilt in 2011. Supplied in roadcase with wheels. Includes  2GO/Warp double gobo holder. 85% 1 $4,000.00 None A04
ADB ADB-SP/2GO/WARP New Stock - Warp Double Gobo Holders 100% 3 $30.00 1 year A05
Pharos DALI-M DALI Master expansion module. Original model with DB25 interface, suits first generation LPC units 90% 1 $500.00 1 year P01
Pharos RIO44 PoE Ethernet remote IO box with 4 inputs and 4 outputs. (a few marks on the front panel) 70% 1 $500.00 1 year P02
Pharos AVC Dinrail mount Audio Video Controller with stereo audio and composite video output. 90% 1 $2,000.00 1 year P03
Pharos TPC PoE touch screen playback controller. Single gang wall mount. (2cm mark on screen overlay 70% 1 $1,000.00 1 year P04
Lumen Radio IN-RFX1 CRMX Nova RDM Flex Transmitter/Receiver with Ethernet 90% 2 SOLD 1 year L01
Lumen Radio OS-DTX1 CRMX Slim Outdoor transmitter with RDM 90% 1 $600.00  1 year L02
Lumen Radio LUM007 Omni 2dBi RP-TNC antenna 100% 10 $30 for the lot None L03
Lumen Radio LUM008 Omni 5dBi RP-TNC antenna 100% 10 $30 for the lot None L04
Lumen Radio LUM009 Omni 6dBi N-female outdoor antenna 100% 2 $75.00  None L05
Lumen Radio LUM010 Directional 12dBi N-female outdoor antenna 100% 2  $200.00 None L06





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