Clarity LX900 console released Print
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 00:00

LSC Lighting Systems in conjunction with Open Clear is proud to announce the release of the LX900, the third model in Clarity LX console range.

The LX900 runs the same Clarity software as its siblings the LX300 and LX600 released last year and offers a further enhanced hardware platform to improve speed and ease of programming.

The LX900 is an extension of the LX600 with the addition of an extra in-built 17" LCD touch screen, an additional 15 motorized fader playbacks bringing the total to 30, more than any other console in its class and a theater style split playback with twin 100mm motorised faders.
All the unique functionality of the LX600 is maintained including the six User Button Banks (UBBs) that provide  a total of 240 programmable hard or soft buttons to control positions, colors, effects freesets, cue-lists and more as well as the RGB FaderIdent feature that allows users to immediately identify, by color, what is currently loaded on any fader.

The LX900 offers:

  • Rig view - provides the operator with quick, logical fixture selection and a detailed 2D simulation of the lighting rig;
  • Intelligent fixture Cloning and Copy/Paste using 'real world' data - this ensures that Pan and tilt angles are correct, colors and strobe rates are matched and even the closest matching gobo pattern is used.
  • Media server integration including thumbnail representation as well as complete programming access to the parameters of the media server. Currently Catalyst, ArKaos, Hippotizer, Coolux and other media servers are supported;
  • In-built Pixel mapping separate to the media server functionality with the ability to easily patch LED units and run all popular media file types.;
  • The ability to add audio files to cues for synchronized music/lighting shows, sound effects or even follow spot calls;
  • 30 motorized faders for playbacks
  • Split "theater style" crossfade with dedicated 3.2" LCD and 2 100mm motorized faders.
  • motorized grand master (used when consoles are tracking).

Serious lighting/media operators are encouraged to download the free Clarity PC/Mac software from the here to experience just how powerful the software is.


LX900 Front-700

The new LX900 console.