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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 13:52

Lots of Watts Central Coast has recently installed a new lighting bar and an LSC dimming system into the auditorium of a local High School, replacing their ageing 1980's dimming and patching system. Two new LSC Redback Wallmount dimmers, which sport a number of impressive features including optional relay channels, RDM, various output connector configurations, external wall-plate control and a ‘slim figure’, have been successfully installed.

A 48way Redback patch bay was chosen to cater for the 36 points as well as future needs and a Redback 6 way remote wall plate has also been installed to give simple control of the lights without the need of an operator or lighting console.
Jeff Morgan from Lots of Watts Central Coast said “We have been able to give the school a safe easy dimming and control option. The Redback wallmount are perfect for this application in schools where dimming channels are needed. The Redback wallmount relay option allows easy control of circuits that just need to be turned on and off such as mirror ball motors and odd set pieces that turn up in school theatre. The dimmers were easy to install and the option to lock out the screen touchpad is a big plus in a school install.”
“Unfortunately our old dimming and patching system was beginning to fail and the safety factor that was put in then is nothing like what we require in schools today,” commented the school’s sound and lighting co-ordinator for the auditorium. “When choosing a replacement, safety was my main priority and I wanted to ensure that anything we installed had a RCD – not just a circuit breaker to protect the equipment but also an RCD to protect the kids!”

With a limited budget, the School initially could not afford the upgrade but Jeff Morgan advised them that the LSC Redback was soon due to be released and so they happily waited.

“The Redback system was 30% cheaper than what we were going to have to pay before and that was within our budget,” explained the school. “The price was obviously a huge bonus for us. Another big seller for us was the remote wall-mounted control plate which means that any teacher can come into the hall and at the simple push of a button bring up a lighting state. For example, by pushing Set Up #1 you can get the correct lighting state for assemblies where you only need to light up the speaker. Set Up #2 button will give you a dance state and so on. So we can lock up all of our dimmer racks and patching works and don’t need to be there thanks to a small, simple keypad.”

Also of importance to the client was the fact that the Redback system is designed and manufactured in Australia allowing fast and easy back up and service.
“Having said that, we haven’t had any problems with the LSC Lighting gear, it’s been absolutely fantastic,” added the client. “I’m a huge fan particularly of the safety it offers and the remote control plate for us is gold. I couldn’t believe we’d ever get anything like this for the price we paid.”




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