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Monday, 02 April 2012 00:00
Australia based and Grammy nominated four-piece electronic band, Cut Copy, returned home recently after 208 shows in 32 countries during 2011. For the last two months and 48 shows of the tour, another Australian, LSC's Clarity, was invited on the bus. For five weeks in North America, one week in Brazil, two weeks in Europe and just seven travel days, a very portable lighting control system was required.

A VX20 wing and two MacBook Pro laptops replaced the two 'full-size' consoles used previously. You'd be forgiven for thinking this was difficult swap, but production manager Mirko Vogel commented "We couldn't keep carrying around heavy consoles that cost a million dollars and break all the time. With this schedule, we needed an adaptable platform for all sorts of venue sizes. There's not enough time between shows to be waiting on freight, and Clarity is almost hand luggage."

The rig was also redesigned to be comprised of a generous floor package for fast load-ins. With a four week window to create the show, Vogel and Lighting Director Lynden Gare were briefed with the task of developing a show with theatrical direction that blurred the line between stage and audience. It had to be big enough to fill out a 60ft theatre stage, yet flexible enough to squeeze into the odd club. Oh, and apparently it all has to fit into a 4 metre trailer. Clarity VX20 and the laptops packed down into a single Pelican 1560 case, ensuring the console would always fit in easily, no matter what.

"While Clarity offers cloning at the time of patching like many other consoles, one of the superior features of Clarity is copy and paste cloning, whereby any fixture can be cloned from another at any time in the programming process – ideal for situations where you're in a new venue but they don't quite have the same fixtures that the show is plotted with. All parameters of the original fixture are automatically translated to the new fixture seamlessly and instantly, even between fixtures with different colour mixing methods. Its as simple as pressing the same keyboard shortcut you're used to on Windows or Mac, like <CTRL>+<C>, <CTRL>+<V>" says Gare.

While Cut Copy delivered captivating performances to sold out venues across the globe, Clarity breezed along day after day, quickly cloning the flown rig of each night's venue from that of the last, rarely having to update a preset. Gare commented on his return "Despite my best efforts, in 48 shows, not one crash".

Floor Package:
20 Mac 101s
16 C-Stands
8 VL2500 Profile
8 Martin Atomic
6 Coemar Infinity ACL
4 VL3500 Wash
8 1kW QI Flood
4 2kW Arri Fresnel
4 Double Riser Combo Stand
1 DF50
1 12m x 4m LED Starcloth

2 MacBook Pro 15"
1 VX20 Wing
1 1024ch Dongle
1 2048ch Dongle

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