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Friday, 01 April 2011 00:00

Since its release almost 2 years ago, Clarity has been available as a free edition able to control 128 channels and operate with 3rd party USB-DMX decoders.

LSC and Open Clear are committed to continue developing Clarity as the first class lighting and media control product that it is. Unfortunately due to the high cost of product development and support, we find that we are no longer able to continue with the practice of offering a free version or supporting other manufacturer's USB-DMX encoders.

What does this mean?

FREE edition of Clarity

After V1.3.1, the free version of Clarity will no longer be available.
From now until April 8, V1.3.1 will still be available on our website. People can still download this version and register for a free version code. On April 8, V1.3.1 will be removed from our website and the free registration system will be disabled on April 15.

Version 1.3.2 has now been released on our website. This version when loaded will detect if a previous free version is installed on the computer and if so it will upgrade it as a free version of Clarity with no time limit. This will mean that any user that has had a free version installed on their computer will be able to continue using it for as long as they like.
What it also does mean though is that they will not be able to upgrade to later versions of Clarity as a free version.
If V1.3.2 is installed on a computer without an existing Free version of Clarity then it will only run in Demo or Licensed mode - it will not be possible to get a Free version.
If you have the free version and you want to keep using it without a time limit then you must upgrade to V1.3.2.

3rd Party USB-DMX converters

From V1.4, Clarity will no longer support 3rd party USB-DMX decoders.
The 1.3 versions of Clarity will be the last that do support other manufacturer's USB-DMX hardware. All future versions of Clarity (V1.4 onwards) will only work with LSC DMX decoders.
For those users requiring a cost effective USB to DMX decoder, we will be releasing a QX1 single universe adaptor at the same time that V1.4 is released.
As well as the new LSC NEXUS ArtNet converters, all other manufacturer's ArtNet devices will still be supported in all versions of Clarity.
Anyone using Clarity with other manufacturer's USB-DMX decoders regardless of whether they have a dongle or not has two options.
1) Continue using Clarity versions 1.3.2 or less.
    If you use any version of Clarity software up to and including Version 1.3.2, your 3rd party USB-DMX converter will still work.
2) Use an LSC USB-DMX converter such as the QX1, QX2 or QX4 or use a VX10 or VX20 wing which have built in DMX outputs.
    This option allows you to use any version of Clarity.

The QX1 and Version 1.4 of Clarity is currently scheduled for release in late April.




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