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Monday, 21 February 2011 15:04

LSC is proud to announce the release of a new range of Ethernet / DMX512 converters.
As fixtures and shows consume more and more universes, the trend has been to move to Ethernet to enable large amounts of data to be moved around. However at the end of the line the benefits of DMX512 and the number of products that use it make it a universal standard. The NEXUS range of converters enable users to seamlessly mix the most popular communications standards in the lighting industry today.

NEXUS provides the ability to convert between DMX512 and the two most popular Ethernet protocols namely ArtNet and Streaming ACN (SACN). Going further than your average converter, NEXUS allows users to:
  • merge two universes onto a single port on an LTP or HTP basis by universe or by slot (channel);
  • Softpatch across multiple universes;
  • Autoswitch between two assigned universes for redundancy purposes;
  • Merge two universes and resend these as new ArtNet or SACN stream;
  • And much more.

Three models are available namely a single port portable Ethernet / DMX converter, a 5-port rack-mount Ethernet / DMX512 converter and a 5-port truss-mount Ethernet / DMX512 converter - uses the same rugged case as the MDRT. Powercon power input connectors are available as an option on the 5-port units. The single port unit is powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE).
The units are supplied with female DMX512 connectors as conversion from ArtNet / SACN to DMX512 is the most common use for these units. However with the appropriate sex-change connectors, any unit can be configured for DMX512 to ArtNet/SACN conversion.
In fact in the 5-port versions it is possible to configure a mixture of DMX512 ports; some as inputs and some as outputs making the system extremely flexible.

Complimentary to the NEXUS range of products is NexLan software. With versions available to run on Windows, Mac and other platforms, NexLan software is free and used to configure and monitor the NEXUS range of products.

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