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Monday, 03 January 2011 00:00

LSC is proud to announce the release of the new Redback Wallmount range previewed at PLASA this year. Redesigned from the ground up, the sight of a crisp colour touch screen immediately gives the user the notion that this is no ordinary device - and that notion would be right.

The new Redback sports a number of new features for a product in this price range including, optional relay channels, RDM, various output configurations, external wallplate control and a 'slim figure'.

The nature of power and dimming requirements in the modern venue has changed considerably over the last decade and now, more often than not, switching of direct power to control LEDs and intelligent lighting fixtures, as well as dimming of conventional lights is called for. Up until now, this has generally required a separate dimmer and switched power device - although the switched power device is often not controllable remotely.
The new Redback Wallmount caters for these requirements by offering a true switched power (relay) control option. Thus a Redback Wallmount can be specified to be a combination of dimmers and/or relay channels - so a single Wallmount unit could be all dimmers, all relay channels or a combination of both. For example, a 24 channel Redback Wallmount 'combo' unit has 18 channels of dimming as well as 6 channels of relay in the same chassis.
In addition, the Redback Wallmount power control modules can be set up to be switched using DMX512, fixed in a permanent state (off or on) or controlled via a number of other methods in the same fashion that the standard dimming channels can be controlled.
The switched power channel outputs provide direct power by utilising relays guaranteeing there is absolutely no electronics in the way to interfere with connected loads.

Available in a variety of models, the new Redbacks are slim-line wall mounted units permitting them to be located in areas where depth is a concern such as narrow cupboards or along walkways or catwalks.

A number of different output socket combinations are available as well as a hardwired version. A unique patch version using GST18 connectors permits double output sockets as well as a hotpower connection providing unique flexibility in such a system. Used in conjunction with the soon to be released Redback Patch system the combination is an answer to many a specifier's dream.

You can find more information on the new redback Wallmount range of dimmers here.

Redwall-12-HPM-Front-150w   Redwall-12-UK-Front-150w

A Redback Wallmount with Australian 3-pin GPO outlets

A Redback Wallmount with UK 15A outlets



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