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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:00

LSC’s Clarity lighting and Media controller was the console of choice for Lighting Programmer Joris Vandamme for the Flemish Day celebrations held earlier this year in the main market square in the heart of Brussels.

‘The Gulden Ontsporing’ show was broadcast live across the nation and featured many famous Flemish artists of the day.

Lighting Operator, Joris Vandamme recently took to using the console for shows after the recent Clarity training seminar he attended in Brussels and commented “It’s just so quick and easy to learn and very powerful. The pixel mapping feature with Clarity was very cool and we used it to great effect in applying movie files and images across the intensity channels of the fixtures on stage. It worked really well within the design concept of the show. We also used a good number of the Active Sunstrip fixtures, Studio Due CS4s, scrollers and ‘good old fashioned’ 2kW Fresnels”.

LSC Clarity is truly feature packed and offers seamless integrated control of any type of light on a stage be they PAR cans, LEDs, moving fixtures, Scrollers, LED matrix walls and even Media Servers.

For more information on Clarity click on this link.

Joris Vandamme at The Gulden Ontsporing Brussels



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