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Monday, 19 July 2010 11:14

Legendary Belgian band Front 242 recently headlined the Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen, Germany as part of their current European tour. LD Kris Noerens chose Clarity as his console of choice for this gig and for good reason.

“A lot of the festival work doesn’t really allow much time for programming between band changeovers” comments Noerens, “and for this festival I chose to program the main show in the hotel utilising a WYSIWYG visualiser. I got to site 20 minutes before the show, pulled out the wing and laptop from my backpack and within a few minutes I’d cloned the fixtures to that of the festival rig, updated the position presets, loaded the media files and was ready for the opening number. It is really fast and simple.”

Noerens has a wealth of console experience and formerly trained some of the best operators in the world on the Hog II, Jands Vista and the Strand range of consoles. He comments “Being an LD and console trainer for many years has given me the opportunity to work and be involved with many consoles but Clarity has been a revelation. It’s really quick to program, very powerful and the media server and pixel mapping gives me complete control of all aspects of the lighting and video on stage”.

Noerens is now offering the use of Clarity to visiting LDs at Europe’s premier live touring venue, the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels where he is the Lighting Coordinator.

Clarity for Mac or PC can be downloaded from our site here.



Kris at the festival with Clarity.



Front 242 in action.




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