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Tuesday, 13 July 2010 11:44

The ‘Logies’ are the Australian TV industry’s annual awards and for many years have been broadcast live in Australia by GTV9, part of the Nine Network of Australia.  Named after John Logie Baird, the inventor of television,

the event was again held at the Palladium Ballroom, Crown Towers in Melbourne with the "who's who" of Australia’s TV personalities in attendance.

This year's lighting design included 33 video screens spread around the room, being controlled by a total of 9 Media Servers from both Green Hippo and Pandoras Box. LSC Clarity lighting and multimedia control system was chosen to control this major element of the show.

Having seen Clarity’s ability to control Media Servers so easily, LD Rohan Thornton specified a control system based around a VX20 wing, a VX10 wing and Clarity software outputting 4 Universes for control of all Media Servers on the show.

Lynden Gare from GTV9 was given the task of operating Clarity for the event and was initially very nervous – being asked to use a new lighting console for the first time ever on the biggest show of the year might not be seen as prudent by some people. However, GTV9 has a long standing relationship with LSC, and their faith in the software gave Lynden the confidence he needed to run this control system on an event of such a large scale.

Gare commented -
“As soon as I installed it I was impressed with LSC Clarity. After requiring several attempts to get another 'on PC' software package to install under Windows 7, the Clarity installation was just a matter of a few mouse clicks and it worked first time.”

“We required SMPTE timecode input on all of our consoles for synchronisation in the musical items - a feature that wasn’t available in Clarity when I first saw it. However, Nick Denville from Open Clear and Richie Mickan from LSC understood this requirement and a few days later they delivered a solid midi timecode module within the software and also assisted us with the necessary hardware”.

“With my previous experience of other PC based systems, I had early fears of battling with what could have been an awkward PC based control system, under the rapid nature of programming for a broadcast such as the Logies. These fears were quashed within my first few hours spent operating Clarity. It certainly didn't feel like using a PC. It is quite obvious that an operator's work flow has really been thought through when building this software package. As an example, when operating media servers, CITP thumbnail capabilities really sped up the process”.

“The experience on the Logies proved that this is a serious control option for GTV. To our surprise, more stable than some of the other software on the gig. And certainly less convoluted than its competitors.”




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