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Tuesday, 01 September 2009 00:00

The fifth LSC Clarity video in the series demonstrates the power of Fixture Cloning, Substitution and Translation.

Touring a lighting show presents a number of obstacles to the lighting operator. The most frustrating problem is when the correct Brand and Model of moving lights are not available in a particular town. With many other lighting controllers the show would need to be re-programmed, over many hours.

Not so with LSC Clarity. The powerful fixture Cloning function allows the user to substitute Brand A for Brand B, with just a few mouse clicks. All the existing cues, presets, palettes and fade times are seamlessly converted within a few seconds.

To see how simple and effective such a complex task can be, watch the video by clicking on this link or on the image below.




Don't forget to keep your eye out for a new video each week where some of the powerful capabilities of Clarity will be previewed.





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