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Friday, 14 August 2009 10:00

The second snapshot video showing the power of LSC Clarity is now available.
It describes Freesets, an extension to the Presets function found in most modern lighting controllers.

Today's operators of lighting control consoles are very familiar with Presets where known information such as position or colour can be applied to a set number and type of fixture. LSC Clarity with the introduction of Freesets changes all this. Imagine being able to pick two colours and to then apply this to any number of fixtures to get a colour spread across those fixtures. Or imagine being able to do this with positions. Well you don't have to imagine this anymore -
LSC Clarity delivers this functionality straight out of the box.

LSC Clarity in fact goes one step further - how often have recorded a chase across 4 fixtures and then needed that same chase across the 8 fixtures on the back truss? Normally to get this you have to start all over again. Not with LSC Clarity - you write a Freeset chase once and then apply that across any number of fixtures any time you want.
Programming has just got a whole lot easier.

To see this in action, just click here or on the image below which will take you to a small video showing Freesets in action.




Don't forget to keep your eye out for a new video each week where some of the powerful capabilities of LSC Clarity will be previewed.




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