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Friday, 22 May 2009 11:10

“Why should we pay for features we may never use?”
“Can I buy the basic model now and add these features later?”

These are two questions that have been commonly directed to manufacturers for years, even more so in the current economic climate. Australian designer and manufacturer, LSC Lighting Systems, responding to these desires, has released the world’s first field-upgradeable data splitter. The MDR range of DMX512-A based splitters can be upgraded with RDM functionality, wireless DMX receivers, Powercon input power connector or a hook clamp mounting brackets for the portable model.

The new RDM (Remote Device Management) enhancements to the DMX512 standard are gaining popularity with new RDM devices coming onto the market every day. A DMX splitter, being in the centre of any RDM network, must be RDM enabled. The MDR offers the possibility of adding an RDM module now or purchasing it as an upgrade at a later stage.

Likewise, wireless DMX512 modules can be fitted to the MDR splitters and both popular brands, W-DMX from Wireless Solutions and City Theatrical’s SHoW-DMX are catered for. The wireless DMX512 module can work as the sole DMX512 input source for the splitter or as a back-up source to the cable input. In this scenario, if there is a failure of the cable DMX512 input, the MDR splitter has an Auto-Switching feature that seamlessly switches to the Wireless input.

The MDR is available in 5 and 10-way 19” rack mount configurations or a 5-way portable unit housed in a high-impact resistant plastic enclosure. The flexibility is endless, as any input or output connector can be a 3-pin or 5-pin XLR. All inputs and outputs are electrically isolated to prevent any earth loop problems. A special 10-way installation model is available providing RJ45 Ethercon connectors for both input and outputs.

The MDR range is future-proofed – buy what you need now and upgrade when you actually need the functions. The MDR is shipping worldwide - now.

Read more about the MDR range here

MDRX Data Splitter



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