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Thursday, 12 February 2009 15:45

Concert Lighting Systems (CLS) is a production / rental house with offices in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. Recently CLS supplied and operated a system for the "Young Leaders" conference, a dynamic presentation forum held in the Sydney Entertainment Centre and Vodafone Arena in Melbourne. The rig comprised 8 x Martin MAC700 wash, 8 x Profiles and 5 x Castor Fresnels was entirely powered from one LSC e24 Dimming System.

During the last year CLS added a number of LSC's e24 Touring Dimmers fitted with the new HOTpower option to their inventory. The HOTpower option was released mid 2008 and expands the current e24 range with 24 circuits of patchable live power into the existing e24 patch facilities. This feature combined with the 24 channels of 13A dimmers, makes the e24 one of the best compact dimming/distro packages on the market.

Giuseppe "Pepe" Colombo, manager of the Sydney operation, has been an enthusiastic convert to LSC's e24s stating, "It is just so versatile you can virtually use it anywhere because of its small footprint. It's great for corporate shows where getting into venues sometimes can be a real problem. Its compact size gets it through tight doorways and is a breeze to transport."

Pepe continued, "The best thing LSC did was use 13A circuit breakers instead of 10A as it gives us so much more flexibility. The majority of our shows now have around 70% of the loads as non-dimmable moving lights, strobes and LED sources. Using the e24 with the HOTpower option for power distribution as well as dimming, means we take less power distribution equipment, cables and connectors to each gig. As a result the systems are more reliable, cleaner, safer, neater and cheaper to prep, install and strike."

"The e24 saves us plenty of time. Our systems are configured before leaving the factory. The set-up process using the front panel touch screen display has proved fast to learn, easy to use and extremely easy to teach inexperienced staff."

For AV Presentations and Trade Events, Pepe particularly liked the e24s stand alone capabilities. Up to 80 memories can be recorded and then recalled via remote fader or button plates connected via CAT5 cable back to the e24s.




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