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Thursday, 28 June 2018 00:00

A new version of software (v1.37) for the Mantra Lite console has been released.

The main changes are as follows:

New Features:

  1. Live Speed Controls. The bottom left button below the Home screen, which was previously unused, is now used to access the Live Speed controls.
    Three encoders are provided for FadeTime, ChaseRate and X-Fade. Other controls allow for configuring whether changes affect all active playback/s (global) or selected playback/s, resetting the adjusted times and setting the sensitivity of the encoders.

  2. Tap To The Beat. The Live Speed controls also features a Tap To The Beat button, to allow easy synchronisation of chase/s to the beat of the music.

  3. Carallon fixture library. The Mantra Lite now uses the Carallon fixture (as used in LSC Clarity consoles). This provides over 5,500 fixtures, most with multiple operating modes, all included as standard with the console.
    A fixture request service is available via the LSC web page, to enable end users to request new fixtures for addition to the database. This process takes at least one month from the date of request. Users requiring an urgent template can continue to use the inbuilt Fixture Editor.

  4. New Shapes. The Shapes App has two additional shapes (Square and Triangle) and Shapes can now be rotated, to set the apex to any orientation.

  5. More Intuitive Colour fader control. The RGB faders in the Colours/Sliders app are now hidden if the fixture does not have any RGB parameters to control.

Bug Fixes:

  1. RigView icons were not always correctly sized when loading a show.
  2. Firmware Update window showed non-Mantra update files.
  3. Animations did not play inside chases.
  4. Fixtures patched to DMX slot 512 were incorrectly shown as being patched to slot 0 on the next universe.
  5. It was not possible to delete show file folders using the [Delete Shows] button. Folders can now be deleted, but only if they are empty.
  6. It was not possible to navigate into folders inside the file save window.
  7. Custom fixtures sometimes failed to appear in the patch correctly.
  8. Custom fixtures were not always saved with shows.
  9. A small number of Generic fixtures incorrectly had a '1' added to the end of the name (eg. Red1).

Click here to download the new software.



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