Mantra Lite v2.04 software released Print
Tuesday, 14 April 2020 00:00

A new version of software for the Mantra Lite console has been released.

This is a minor update to v2.04 and introduces new features and bug fixes.

The main changes are as follows:

New Features:

  1. Link times added.
    Each cue in a cue list now has a Link Time. These are used to allow the next cue to automatically play after the programmed time. If the Link Time is set to NONE, then the flash button below the red fader must be used to play the next cue. If the Link Time is set to any other value, then next cue plays when the time expires. Note: It is possible to have a cue with a fade time longer than the link time. In this scenario the first cue will continue to fade in the background whilst the new cue commences to fade. This allows the user to programme multiple overlapping cue fades.
  2. Improved Playback displayer.
    The playback displayer now shows the cue/s fading. This is achieved by the red highlight bar ‘growing’ from the left to the right side of the displayer.
  3. Systems settings are now global.
    Network settings, screen brightness and language were stored in the show files. They are now stored in a separate configuration file on the console, making them global and independent of the loaded show.
  4. New Systems Setting screen added.
    Changes have been made to the layout of the Setup window to allow for new features being added for the forthcoming installation version of the Mantra Lite (the Mantra Mini).This has necessitated the addition of a new Systems Settings window and some items have been moved from Setup to the new window.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Overwriting a memory caused the Shutter (and any other parameters set to SNAP) to go to Zero in the Live stage output. In the case of the Shutter channel, this usually meant the shutter closed and so no light would be seen on stage when the yellow faders were used for control.
  2. A power brown-out could render show save unusable. The console would report ‘Unable to save to \root\mantra\shows......”. This was caused by the SD card being unmounted by the operating system.
  3. Some compound fixtures (e.g. Showtec::Sunstrip) in the library started at DMX slot 2 instead of 1. Other fixtures could have duplicate channels (e.g. Martin::MacAura had two attributes using DMX slot 10 and nothing using slot 9).
  4. The Fixture Editor allowed the same channel to applied to both Coarse and Fine channels of a parameter.
  5. The Mantra Lite always started in DHCP mode, then changed to Static IP later. It now starts in the correct mode.
  6. The Green Wing page display skipped Page #1 when two wings were connected.

Click here to download the new software.
N.B. The console must be power cycled after installing this update.
Please see instructions on the download page.

 A USB stick is required to install this software.


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