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Wednesday, 22 August 2018 00:00

A new version of software (V1.11) for the GenVI has been released.

LSC recommends that all users download and install this software update.

The new version can be downloaded from here.

An SD card is required to install this software.

Changes to the software include:

New Features

  • The SD card reader has been revamped to make it more reliable and extended so that it can now read exFAT formatted cards.
  • The DMX update rate has been increased. Originally it was delayed by a frame to ensure there were no errors but we got complaints of it being too slow on consoles that have slow DMX rates.
  • An upgrade file is now checked for and if present an upgrade button is presented. Previously the dimmer would reset regardless of whether there was a suitable file on the SD card or not.

Bugs Fixed

  • If anything was pushing on the touch screen during power up, the dimmer would interpret that to change the LCD screen driver. This was a shortcut included when our supplier changed their component. This function has now been removed as it is only needed if the screen on a GenVI card is changed and the replacement screen is different to the original.
  • Multiple Alarms on RDM could cause the unit to crash.
  • On the View DMX screen, the message that not all DMX slots are being received was not always cleared correctly.
  • The CCT timing was set to a high value giving the appearance of slow response on fast lamps. It has been reduced to operate now only over 4 half cycles.
  • Auto Power timeout set to Infinite would in fact timeout at some random time.
  • Labelling on the display for 3-channels dimmers was incorrect
  • The touch screen could lock up occasionally. This was a very random event that would only possibly happen every 49 days. Any dimmer that was reset (powered off and on) within this timeframe would never see this issue.


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