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Wednesday, 22 August 2018 00:00

A new version of software (v3.02) for the APS has been released.

This release corrects a number of bugs - some new, some not so new.

Bug Fixes

• Channels controlled by DMX turned on but could't be turned off.
• Further fixes to RDM messages.
• The touch screen may have locked up randomly and very rarely.
• The lock on an SD card was ignored (V2.0+)
• Export of files didn’t work (V3.0+)
• Inserting or removing an SD card in the Import/Export menu would cause the outputs to glitch (V3.0+)
• Infinite loss time wasn’t. It would take many hours but it would time out.
• The stagger start-up was irregular when very low Stagger times were used.
• When entering some values, no limit was set and with sufficient numbers it could cause the system to restart.
• If there was no high limit set on a phase, it was possible to set an invalid low limit.
• Setting DMX hold time could sometimes add extra seconds.

LSC recommends that all users download and install this software update.

The new version can be downloaded from here.

An SD card is required to install this software.

 LSC 100

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