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Monday, 05 June 2017 00:00

A new Service Pack for Clarity LX consoles is now available. This is a major update with numerous bug fixes.

Details of the changes are listed below.
The service pack can be applied to all LX consoles.
We urge all users to update to this release.
If you encounter any issues applying this Service Pack then please contact your local LSC support person.

Note that each software release includes the latest user manuals and the latest fixture library as at the time of release. However, users should be aware that more up to date Fixture Libraries may be available and users should check on this site.

Service Pack 21 can be downloaded from here.

New Features


Added a fade time to the 'On' function, so that the lights fade up instead of snapping.
- with lights selected, clicking 'On' (with an empty command line) will use a default 1s fade time. Using '@ full' however will snap as before.
- the 'keypad-on-time-ms' advanced option can be used to set a different on time (e.g. 'keypad-on-time-ms = 2000' for 2s).

Allow pending file operations to be aborted.
- It's now a 2-step process: if there are pending file ops when the user attempts to save a wait dialog will display, with the option to cancel pending file ops.
If they choose to cancel then a second wait dialog appears waiting for the cancel to complete
(any currently in-progress writes will need to finish before the cancel completes.
The user can choose to cancel waiting, but in that case the show will not be able to be saved, but can be saved-as somewhere else.

Added ability to change the colour of a dimmer icon in rig view (to show Gel colour).

Hold LX Delete key and press select button or action button to clear.

Added the ability to designate a show as read-only.
- added a 'Show is read only' checkable option to the Show menu.

Added an 'Insert Mark Cue' and 'Groups Of' options to the command centre.

Added option in settings menu to toggle whether default freesets are loaded when Clarity starts up.

Added Option to not load default Presets

Updated to the latest Carallon fixture library - Rev 13.1.399

Bug Fixes


CLR-xxxx done: Report an error if attempt to load a 2.3 show into 2.4 without a legacy library installed
CLR-xxxx fixed: Mac Aura (and others) patch with separate global and main-beam sections, that should be combined
CLR-1679 fixed: Clone dialog doesn't show all sections of a compound fixture
CLR-1729 fixed: Crash with custom fixture that contains a patch split 
CLR-1727 fixed: Undocking some windows (rig, performance) results in blank sections of windows on LX
CLR-1726 fixed: Stopping a no-base dynamic sets the channel to 0 instead of default (so pan/tilt go to -100% for example)
CLR-1725 fixed: Crash when using home + home beam shortcut
CLR-1718 fixed: Imported shows appear twice in the recent files drop-down, one of which is in the temporary 'import' location
                        (and is not removed if the imported show is later deleted)

CLR-1719 fixed: Select all after odd/even does not operate as the user expects.
                        - renamed it to Reset Next/Prev
                        - added a Reset Odd/Even function
CLR-xxxx fixed: New time presets now start with number 1 rather than 3.
CLR-xxxx fixed: The number entered in the record time preset dialog is ignored.
CLR-1696 fixed: VX wing fonts are unreadable on Mac (El Capitan onwards)
CLR-991 fixed:   Programmer undo view does not stay visible on LX consoles
                        - also added press-and-hold Undo (LX soft menu) to show undo view
CLR-1705 fixed: Cannot patch additional fixtures of the same type to a v2.3 show in v2.4
CLR-1711 fixed: Fixture editor crashes when deleting more than one existing slot.
CLR-1717 fixed: Fixtures with Master Intensity don't map that channel to faders
                        - LX Universal Intensity param control now controls Master Intensity instead of Intensity if possible
                        - Programmer window generic intensity control targets Master Intensity as well as Intensity
                          (not possible to match behaviour of LX Universal controls)
CLR-xxxx fixed: Tentative fix for fixture editor to address channel ordering issues on copied fixtures
CLR-1685 fixed: Deleted cues with a MIDI trigger still play
CLR-1100 fixed: Additive sub master does not notice changes to the group it is controlling
CLR-1508 fixed: Mark Cue fade times reset to default if any cue in the cuelist is edited.
CLR-1698 fixed: In Timeline window, Pressing [Clear] crashes Clarity if there is no timeline loaded
CLR-1203 fixed: Changing the rate of a dynamic on LX consoles reset the rate to the default value
CLR-1236 fixed: Go-while-release used the fade out instead of the fade in time 
CLR-xxxx done: Relaced press & hold behaviour for soft menu config to also work on non-blank buttons 
CLR-1594 fixed: Some soft menu shortcuts for palette window switch to wrong tab 
CLR-1434 fixed: Non-tracking cuelists play in tracking mode when edited
CLR-1684 fixed: Some compound RGB(AW) fixtures are no longer able to be added to Pixel Matrixes

Many thanks to our team of dedicated Beta Testers and loyal users who have helped us find and eradicate these bugs.



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