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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 00:00

A new Service Pack for Clarity LX consoles is now available. This is a major update with numerous bug fixes.

Details of the changes are listed below.
The service pack can be applied to all LX consoles.
We urge all users to update to this release.
If you encounter any issues applying this Service Pack then please contact your local LSC support person.

Note that each software release includes the latest user manuals and the latest fixture library as at the time of release. However, users should be aware that more up to date Fixture Libraries may be available and users should check on this site.

Service Pack 20 can be downloaded from here.

New Features


Extensive refactoring of fixture library implementation to use new Element Structure syntax
      - virtual channels inserted at patch time (on first encounter of each type) instead of at library import time
      - reorder channels to keep element assignments contiguous
      - new fixture library located in Clarity/fixlib
      - legacy fixture library located in Clarity/library (compatible with previous Clarity versions)
    Store fixture personalities in show package; save & restore via export/import
    Load legacy shows (i.e. without embedded fixture types) from legacy library location
      - warn if legacy library is not valid
      - added 'update legacy library' feature
    Added bi-directional show version limitations (forward and backwards compatibility)

Added Network Devices feature

Added Patch Test Mode

Added Option to not load default Presets

Updated to the latest Carallon fixture library - Rev 12.1.362

Bug Fixes


CLR-1226 fixed:   Unpatched fixtures' fine channels still count towards channel usage
CLR-xxxx fixed:   Inconsistent default values for RGB (etc.) when using virtual intensity channels
CLR-1658 fixed:   Problems when repatching unpatched legacy fixtures
CLR-xxxx fixed:   Clean up fixture type details display for legacy fixtures 
CLR-xxxx added: When loading a pre 2.4 show, auto-archive it on save
CLR-xxxx added: Latest HASP Mac runtime for El Capitan
CLR-xxxx added: Latest HASP Windows runtime for Windows 10
CLR-1656 W.I.P:  Show hybrid compounds as compound in rig view
                          - only for fixtures with rectangular (uniform) compound structure
CLR-1655 fixed:   Fixtures with more than one intensity (Ayrton MagicDot-R or Martin TW1) show Intensity#2 in Rig View.
CLR-1647 fixed:   Not possible to control RGBAW fixtures from colour picker
                          - now treats RGBAW fixtures as RGBW and sets A to 0.
                            The advanced option 'rgbaw-as-rgba' can be used to switch this behaviour
CLR-xxxx added: Patch window channel highlighter now appears on levels window (DMX view)
CLR-1642 fixed:   Page names disappear on LX consoles
CLR-1645 fixed:   Fixtures with only Tilt (no Pan) cannot have the Tilt inverted in patch
CLR-1653 fixed:   (2.4 beta) Fade curves, Max and Min levels - only affected the 1st channel/cell of a compound fixture
CLR-1654 fixed:   Max/Min levels and Fade curves don't work on virtual dimmers
CLR-1079 added: Disable patch test (highlight channel) function when switching away from patch window
CLR-1648 fixed:   Can't delete fixtures from patch in 2.4 alpha
CLR-1649 fixed:   Set default fade path to snap-at-start for generic non-dimmable fixtures (NonDim On and NonDim Off)
CLR-1650 fixed:   Virtual intensities broken in 2.4 alpha
CLR-xxxx fixed:   Defaults for some RGB(WA) types not set to 255
CLR-1646 fixed:   Added support for legacy custom fixtures for re-factored library format
CLR-1636 fixed:   After loading an auto-backup, saving a second time fails to copy the fixture types to the show fileCLR- 
CLR-1548 fixed:   Palette view aux controls (colour/gobo swatch, dynamics controls)
                          did not work in LX mode (because touch scroller steals mouse)
CLR-1671 fixed:  Crash when using context menu to close non-current edit session 
CLR-1643 fixed:  Initial timing when new attributes are created has surprising results
                         Now Clarity applies the following rules:
                          - if that fixture has other attributes of the same kind in the programmer,
                            then it uses the 'widest window' of those (earliest start time, latest end time)
                          - else if the fixture has any other attributes in the programmer then it uses the widest window of those
                          - else if any other devices have attributes of the same kind in the programmer,
                            then it uses the longest fade and shortest delay of those
                          - else if the timing in the programmer is uniform (identical delay and fade) then it uses that
                          - else it uses default
                          - the rationale for 'widest window' is that this is attribute timing for a single device,
                            while the rationale for longest fade and shortest delay is that this is over several fixtures
                          - enable the 'timing-use-crystal-ball' advanced opt to revert to prior behaviour,
                          - enable 'timing-always-default' to never guess timing and always use default (first opt has precedence)
CLR-1644 fixed:   Freesets inadvertantly store timing information which has surprising results when recalled
                           - now they always recall with default timing 
                           - enable the 'freeset-restore-timing' advanced opt to revert to prior behaviour
CLR-xxxx fixed:   Tweak to fixture editor 'compose modular fixture' so that module name is omitted if same on all channels
                           (e.g. when composing n of the same type)
CLR-xxxx fixed:   Fix for startup in fixture editor mode or tracking backup slave mode
CLR-1177 fixed:   Fixtures are sorted by patch order rather than numeric order in the Clone window
CLR-1079 added: Patch test function (Live patch)
CLR-1436 fixed:   Autobackup file is corrupted if power removed mid cycle
CLR-1539 fixed:   The Circle Proglet needed a NoBase option
CLR-1536 fixed:   Proglet IPT Wave does not actually do anything.
CLR-xxxx added: MIDI port selection in MIDI trigger dialog as well as Timecode configuration dialog (CLR-1501)
CLR-1379 fixed:   Not easy get rid of a Dynamic created by a Proglet (proglets were bypassing the undo buffer)
CLR-1503 fixed:   Full fan on dynamics centre/top/bottom value knocks out dynamics
                           (and leaves the param controls greyed out)
CLR-1497 fixed:   Action Button Flash mode does not respect 'fader affects all attributes'
CLR-1618 fixed:   Name changes or item deletions do not update action buttons
CLR-1640 fixed:   The shortcuts to Colour Gels and Gobos in the Palettes window is broken in LX600 emulation mode
CLR-1639 fixed:   When editing a cuelist wait times on the programmer timeline,
                           wait times can be hidden by the regular ruler time labels
CLR-1638 fixed:   If the first cue in a cuelist is set to Follow, then changing the value of the parameter "wait"
                           in the edit window does not get saved.
CLR-1641 fixed:   Fixtures are not sorted by unit number in the Pixel Matrix window
                           - Also they now display unit number in the source fixtures pane
CLR-1227 fixed:   Recalling a Dynamic Preset into programmer does not load the Dynamics Editor tab
CLR-1635 fixed:   Record preset for custom fixture, then delete fixture and remove from library leaves show unloadable
CLR-1634 fixed:   Crash when saving a show with Compound fixtures that have fade curves applied. 
                           - regression introduced at rev 5098: fix for clr-1514
CLR-1632 fixed:   Disabling time/date scheduled events is ignored 
CLR-1631 fixed:   Multi-patched fixtures do not correctly counted towards licensed channel limit
CLR-xxxx added:  Mass multi-patch facility added
CLR-xxxx fixed:    Renamed built-in Custom manufacturer to User Custom to differentiate from Carallon's Custom

Many thanks to our team of dedicated Beta Testers and loyal users who have helped us find and eradicate these bugs.


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