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Some newer Windows 10 computer do not recognise the VX wing when connected. On other computers the VX wing is recognised by Clarity, but not by the fVX/QXUpdaterTool software.

The issue is that a security setting has blocked the automatic driver installation process. It can also occur if the user accidentally clicked 'Do not trust' to the question about installing LSC drivers when first installing Clarity.


The solution is to manually install the driver by following these steps.

1) Open Device Manager. (Right click on the start icon and it appears in the pop-up menu.

2) With the VX connected look for the item called COM + LPT ports and expand it.

3) There will be an item called VX wing or Unknown in the list. Click and select it.

4) Look for the Update Driver button and click it.

5) Select the option to Browse to the driver location.

6) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\LSC\Clarity\Drivers and press OK.

The driver will now install and should appear correctly in Device Manager. Both Clarity and the VX/QXUpdaterTool should now work.



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