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The LX console software is also available as a free download for both the Windows and Mac operating systems. This allows the user to seamlessly move a show file between console and computer at any time.

Start a new show by creating a patch on a Mac and save the show file onto a USB device (USB stick or Hard Disc). Load it into an LX console and program your Groups, Presets and cuelists. Save it back to USB and then load it onto a Windows PC for some offline editing with your favourite visualiser (via Art-Net). Load it back into the LX console for the show.

There is no license, dongle or other hardware required for the offline software to output Art-Net DMX and Save the show file. The only limitation is the occasional 10 second fade to black of the DMX output – to prevent the free software being used on a real show.

You can download the free software from here.


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