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Traditional presets and palettes are limited to particular types of lights and/or quantity of fixtures. Freesets change all of that and allow the creation of palettes and presets that are independent of both the type and quantity of fixture.

A colour palette can be created as a Freeset with just a single fixture and then used with any new fixture that is patched to the console. This means that the user never needs to update a colour palette again, even when a new fixture type is released. Colour Freesets work across RGB, CMY, RGBA, RGBAW and even colour wheels.

You can also create a scaled Freeset. This is great for chases, ballyhoos, and colour fades. Create a Tilt+Intensity wave with two fixtures , save it as a Freeset then apply it to 2, 5, 8, or even 100+ lights and it will automatically adjust the offsets to work perfectly.

Freesets become the building blocks for the programmer. Save them into your default show file and then everytime you patch a new show you have instant access to your favourite colours, Dynamic FX and other Freesets, even if using fixtures that you have never seen before.



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