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One of the key design principles for the LX consoles was to make a console that enabled many hours of comfortable operation.

Independent Industrial Designers, specialising in Human-machine interfaces, were contracted to ensure that the LX consoles would become the benchmark for comfort of use. Their input can be seen in many areas of the console's design and here we look at just two of those areas.

The wrist rest has a double compound curve shape. This holds the palm of the hand in the correct position for keypad entry and playback control, whilst also allowing its use as an arm rest whilst working with the encoders.

The keypad buttons were custom made to a low profile to enable them to be recessed, so that the encoders can be operated with a natural wrist angle, without accidentally bumping the buttons. This allows for long hours of programming with far less fatigue. This, combined with a very low front lip of the console, allows for comfortable operation when the console is placed on a desk.


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