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Undo and Redo are probably the most powerful tools in a modern lighting console. Clarity takes these to the next level by having independent Undo/Redo lists for each window of the console.

So if you are rearranging fixtures in Rig View and decide you don’t like the changes just press Undo. Then switch to the Programmer1 window and there is a separate list of recent tasks to undo. After working in the Programmer for a while you can jump back to the Rig View window and Redo the changes that you made there, without affecting the changes in Programmer1.

As you open additional Programmer windows, each one gets its own independent Undo/Redo list to ensure the maximum flexibility to the operator.

Even the Control Booth has its own Undo/Redo list. So copying, moving or deleting cues is independent to changing parameters in the programmer window.


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