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Clarity has the ability to have an unlimited number of programmers in operation. This allows operators to quickly jump between different tasks without needing to save things to temporary cuelists.

It is ideal for parking some worklights – just switch to the next programmer, adjust the Pan/Tilt and intensity then switch back to the default programmer. The lights will stay where they are and any cues recorded whilst working in the default programmer will ignore the lights in the other programmer sessions.

Another common scenario is where the operator is busy working on a complex cue and is requested to put this aside and work on a different part of the show. By putting the current Programmer into Blind mode and selecting a different programmer, they can work on the other part of the show, saving and editing cues, then when they finish it takes 3 button presses to return to the original programmer, un-blind it and they are back exactly where they left off. Even the Undo information is unaffected, as each programmer has its own Undo/Redo history.


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