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The Clarity software and LX consoles also allow Audio playback to be programmed as part of a lighting show. MP3 files can be loaded into the console and then patched as an Audio 'fixture' for inclusion in a show.

This fixture has two attributes -Volume and Play/Pause/Stop. To play audio is a simple matter of selecting the audio fixture, adjusting the volume and selecting Play. It can be saved as part of a cue in a cuelist or operated live, and because Clarity treats it as a fixture it can be given fade, wait and delay times, and the volume can be controled via a fader if desired.

This feature can be used in many different ways. One common method is to play a song, and have the lighting cues automatically synchronise to the track - making Clarity ideal for Christmas light displays and themed environments. In theatrical shows it can be used to trigger sound effects at the same time as lighting cues (so the lightning flash occurs in sync with the sound). One clever user has even recorded all his followspot calls into his show file, to ensure that they are always called correctly.


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