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Clarity Factoid #3 Universal Control.

One of the most powerful features of the LX console and Clarity software is the Universal Control function. This presents every lighting fixture in a uniform manner. So no matter what weird and wonderful things the manufacturer does (such as share the dimmer and strobe on a single channel, or put the Reset commands at the end of the strobe channel) the LX console makes it easy to use the fixture. The dimmer encoder will only ever control the dimmer, and the strobe encoder will never accidentally reset the fixture.
You can also grab a multiple different fixture types (eg. mirrors with 90* pan and yokes with 540* pan) and then adjust the Pan and Tilt in degrees rather than DMX values, so they will actually move together as if they were the same fixture.
Clarity is even smart enough to switch the gobo between indexing and rotating modes as soon as you alter the rotation or indexing controls, just to make your life easier and save you precious minutes when under pressure.
Of course there is also the ability to switch to direct IFCB mode, if you want to have full manual control, so Clarity offers you the best of both worlds.

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