I have a CT/1, can I patch channels to more than one universe? Print

A.  Yes you can.

A dongle in Clarity unlocks a number of channels that can be used.
However Clarity does not restrict you to where you use those channels.
In other systems if you have a 512 channel dongle then you must use all 512 channels on one Universe.
Clarity does not impose this restriction.

You are free to allocate the number of channels unlocked by your dongle(s) to whichever Universes you choose.

For example:
If you have a CT/1 then you can allocate your movers (say 250 slots) on Universe 1 and your dimmers (say 40 slots) on Universe 2 and the remainder of your slots for your LEDs on Universe 5 (512-250-40 = 222 slots)

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