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Can I use multiple dongles in Clarity? PDF Print E-mail

A.  Yes you can. Here's how.

Clarity is capable of controlling a very large number of DMX slots (channels).

USB Dongles can be purchased to unlock the desired number of channels.
A CT/1 unlocks 512 channels;
A CT/2 unlocks 1024 channels;
A CT/4 unlocks 2048 channels;
A CT/16 unlocks 8096 channels and
A CT/U is unlimited and unlocks all 128 Universes or 65535 channels.

However one of the great things about Clarity is that dongles are additive.
This means that if you have a CT/2 dongle and a CT/1 dongle you can plug them into the same computer and Clarity will unlock the total number of channels. In this case 1024 + 512 = 1536 channels.

Just one more benefit a flexible system like Clarity can offer you.

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