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To get started with Clarity on the Mac you will need to do a number of things.

1) Download your Mac version from the following link:

The file downloaded is a DMG that contains:

a) the LSC Clarity software;
b) a shortcut to the Applications folder
c) the HASP Run-time installation package;
d) a "ReadMe" with instructions on how to install the HASP run-time - only needed if you have a dongle;
e) The user manuals;
f) A file release-notes.txt for those that want to know what has changed since the previoius release. (Note that this file includes changes to the PC version as well).

3) Install the Clarity Application. To do this Drag the Clarity icon over the Applications folder and release. This copies the Clarity app to the Applications folder.

4) If you have a dongle and want to use it with your Mac then you will need to install the HASP run-time application as well.
Refer to the ReadMe file for instructions on how to do this. FAILURE TO DO THIS STEP WILL RESULT IN RANDOM BLACKOUTS !

5) Due to differences in the USB systems on Mac and PC if you have a QX node or a VX wing that you want to use with your Mac then you may need to update the firmware in these devices to the latest version.
For the Vx wings you can see the software version shown on the screen.

a) Plug in your VX wing to a USB port on your computer - do not start Clarity.

b) Look at the lower sectiion of the left hand screen. If the version number shown is not ver 1.12 or higher then you must update your Vx wing.

For the QX node, it is not possible to see the software version number directly therefore refer to the article below to check.

If you don't upgrade the software on these devices, then only 400 of the 512 DMX channels will be output and other function may not work correctly.

To upgrade VX or QX devices please read the following article and follow the instructions.
How do I upgrade firmware in Vx and Qx products.

6) If you have problems then visit the LSC Forum.

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