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Upgrading the Firmware in VX10, VX20, QX2 and QX4 devices is a fairly straight-forward process.

Important – This must be done on a computer running the Windows Operating System.
It is not possible to do this task on a Mac computer just yet.

The process does require the installation of applications onto your computer so in most cases you will need to have Administrator permissions to do this. If you do not have the required permissions or you feel you are not qualified to undertake these upgrades, then please arrange for a suitably qualified person to perform the upgrade for you.

The other things to note before we commence is:

  • the process to upgrade a VX10, VX20, QX2 or QX4 device is exactly the same and
  • there is only one upgrade file that can be used for any of these devices.


  1. Ensure that the Clarity software is NOT running on the Windows PC.
  2. Download the VxQxUpgrader application from this link to a location that you will remember.
  3. Download the latest VXQX software that can be found here and save to a known location.
  4. Find the VxQxUpgrader application downloaded in 2) and double click on it to run the application.
    If no VX or QX device is connected you will see this screen.
  5. qxvxImg1


  6. Plug in the VX or QX device(s) you wish to update if they are not already plugged in.
  7. Press "Run" on the VXQXUpgrader tool (see image above).
  8. A pop-up dialog box will appear with a dropdown list of connected devices to select from. Choose the device you wish to upgrade and press "OK".


  9. A File Open dialog box will appear. Navigate to the Firmware Update file that you downloaded in step 3, highlight it and push "Open".


  10. The File Info box appears detailing the old and new Firmware versions.

    Click [Yes] to proceed. The upgrade will commence.
  11. The Status will be updated during the process.


  12. Once the update has been successful the VX or QX device will reset and the following information will be shown. You should see the message "Upgrade successful".
    If there were any errors simply click the "Run" button to repeat the process.


  13. If you have further devices you wish to upgrade, you may also repeat the process from step 5 onwards.
  14. Once finished, click on the "Exit" button and you can now use the upgraded device(s).
  15. Start the Clarity software and the device will be recognised automatically.

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