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A new release of Clarity software for both Windows and Mac is now available.

This is a major+minor update for Windows/Mac. (v2.5.1 - r 6715)

The Windows update can be applied to all Windows computers running Windows 7 or later.
The Mac software update can be used on all Mac computers
running OSX 10.8 or later and using an i5 or better processor.

We urge all users to update to this release.
If you encounter any issues installing this update please contact your local LSC support person.

Note that each software release includes the latest user manuals and the latest fixture library as at the time of release. However, users should be aware that more up to date Fixture Libraries may be available and users should check on this site.

The latest Clarity v2.5 software can be downloaded from here.

New Features

Thrusters – Global Speed Controls

Thrusters allow for global speed control of Cuelists, Chases and Dynamics (Rate and Size). The new rocket icon on the toolbar is used to access the settings.

On LX consoles Thrusters are also instantly available on the encoders, whilst holding down the [function] button. Turning the encoder/s alters the value and clicking the encoder resets the value to ‘x1’ – default.
Thrusters can also be freely assigned to any fader/s on LX consoles and VX wings.
The Thrusters button on the toolbar flashes Red when any value/s are not set to default.
(x1.0). Press button to access thruster GUI controls to set value and reset one/all.

The settings dialog allows the user to change thruster control on GUI between wheel or absolute fader. This also affects the LX/VX faders to operate in relative (scoot) or absolute mode. Absolute faders (VX/LX/GUI) are linear from x0 to x1 at the halfway point, then exponential from x1 to x10. The maximum thrust for absolute faders can be set between x2 and x100, default to x10.

Rotate fixture icons in Rig View

Non rectangular compound fixtures can now be rotated in rig view, in increments of 90 degrees.

Console Lock

The lock provides a number of options including;

  • Full Lock
  • Playback Lock
  • Lock Save
  • Lock Edit

Replace Fixtures

Right clicking on a fixture in the patch window allows the selection of fixture replace. This uses Clarity’s powerful cloning engine to replace existing fixtures with new fixtures. Real World parameters are used to ensure minimal programming updates are required (e.g. Pan/Tilt are in degrees, Strobe is in Hz)

The new fixtures re-use the same fixture numbers, and all Groups, RigViews, Presets and Cuelists are updated with the new fixture data, whilst the old fixtures are completely removed from the show file. If the DMX footprint is the same or less than the original fixture, the original DMX start address will be retained. If not then the fixtures will appear in the Unpatched Fixtures window.

Improved Cloning for Compound fixtures.

When cloning Compound fixtures to another fixture with different cell counts, the user is now presented with a window that allows them to visually map which cells are mapped to what cells in the incoming fixture.

This allows for complete flexibility and predictability when mapping Compound to Compound, Compound to Non-Compound and Non-Compound to Compound fixtures.

Improved Pyro Control

The Safe/Fire parameter is treated as an Intensity, so that it is always controlled live by the playback fader, Grand Master and DBO. This means that pressing the DBO button will instantly set the Safe/Fire mode channel to Zero. Please note: LSC do not recommend nor endorse using DMX for the control of Pyrotechnics.

TimeLines in cuelists.

It is now possible to trigger a timeline via a script in a cue.
The syntax is  tl/timeline play/stop/rewind {timeline name}
(N.B. Timeline names are case Sensitive, and can contain spaces)


timeline play NameOfTimeLine

tl play Timeline Number 1

timeline stop NameOfTimeLine

tl stop We Will Rock You

timeline rewind Blue Monday


Updated to the latest Carallon fixture library - Rev 14.1.424


Tweaks and minor features

CLR-1770 done: Extend Control Booth Assign action button method to also work for playback displays - renamed to just 'Assign' and 'Clear'        accordingly.
CLR-xxxx done: Simplified all top-level window names.
CLR-xxxx done: If a timeline with option 'Snap-release-all at start' is triggered by a cuelist script, that cuelist is exempted from the release all

Fixed potentially massive performance bottleneck with fixture selection in shows with over 500 individual fixtures.
- patching: up to 75% faster
- selection: up to 115% faster
- initial value setting in programmer: up to 1100% (11x) faster
Highly significant playback optimizations applied, resulting in benefits between 40% and 340% depending on platform (340% achieved on 7th gen Core i7 running 32 universes of RGB, compared to 2.4 r6219)
Fixed significant performance bottleneck in dynamic playback evaluation
General playback performance improvement (idle state work reduced by ~50%)
Performance improvement (>25% improvement) for pixel matrix transformation processing
Added beta version of iPhone 6/7 TouchOSC layout (untested)


Bug Fixes


CLR-1775 fixed: Some simple compound fixtures were not correctly sub-divided, causing them to appear as non-compound fixtures.


CLR-1760 fixed: Colour gel manufacturer is not recalled when a show is loaded (Palettes window)
CLR-xxxx fixed: Timeline learn fader on LX600/900 fights against motor faders
CLR-1757 fixed: Very rare crash when editing Dynamics
CLR-xxxx fixed: Cosmetic issue where playback displays didn’t get drawn properly until the show load dialog was dismissed
CLR-1756 fixed: Tracking backup required ReSync after a Group was added.
                        - Added rig window scene and palette item positions to tracking backup data
                        - A show modification that doesn't generate any tracking backup messages now does not trigger a resync
                       (the downside being that the tracked show can be a non-exact copy of the master machine if any non-tracked
                        data is modified (e.g. scheduler etc.).
                       - Fixed tracking backup resync broken in some cases
CLR-1752 fixed: A CueOnly cue in a cuelist does not work as expected if followed by a MarkCue
CLR-xxxx fixed: Crash when adding a virtual wing after using the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to record
CLR-1744 fixed: Disable Network DMX does not affect sACN.
CLR-1733 fixed: Updating a group does not update Submasters - until show is reloaded
CLR-xxxx fixed: sACN priority was only sent per-channel, overall priority was being transmitted as 0.
CLR-1712 fixed: Cloning fixtures can cause some presets for multi-element types to disappear
CLR-1704 fixed: Fixtures can disappear from Rig View when first saved
CLR-1679 fixed: Cannot clone from a Compound fixture to a Non Compound fixture (and visa-versa).


Many thanks to our team of dedicated Beta Testers and loyal users who have helped us find and eradicate these bugs.


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